Saturday, 3 December 2011

Game Twenty-Seven: Habs v. Kings

Traveling out on the west coast, my main obstacle today may be finding an Internet connection beyond the iPhone, which is a horrible device for posting updated. Will try my best!

Late update today: PG said little while ago that Markov is to undergo "minor surgery" which will delay his return a few weeks. Ugh. The original guess that he sustained an injury to his injury, probably during practice, has born out. Now is the time for Habs Land to get worried.

First Period:

- Habs PK does very nice job keeping the Kings mainly on the perimeter. Opposing teams know the Habs specialty is shot blocking, so they don't even bother trying to shoot until the shooting position percentage is high.

Second Period:

- As I mentioned before my connectivity out here is pretty spotty at best. Habs playing a pretty solid defensive game so far, although the Kings haven't exactly been a well-oiled offensive machine. Price playing very solid, very aggressive - wondering if he's having one of those games where he'll be nearly impossible to beat. Nonetheless, good road effort so far.

- Eller can be a monster puck handling in offensive zone, but struggles to create scoring opportunities. This will hopefully improve as he develops.

- With internet issues this will be my sign-off post. Hoping for better luck next game.

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