Saturday, 21 January 2012

Game Forty-Eight: Habs v Leafs

So Subban was hit with a modest little fine today as a result of a slew foot trip on Chris Kunitz last mighty, an offense I must confess I missed while blogging the game. Oh well, at least I was totally missing the boat by, say, choosing to use Gomez as one of my three shootout picks.

Anyway, in a season gone so wrong, a sound thumping of Toronto would go a long way toward regaining some measure of satisfaction. Would it be too much to ask, Ye Gods? Just one thrashing? Please?

First Period:

- Not a whole lot to say so far. Very close checking by both sides, really no scoring chances either end thorough 7 minutes.

- Really marginal roughing call on

- Yet another shorthanded breakaway for Habs, this time Eller with a relatively harmless shot thats turned away by Gufstavvson. But these breakaways have happened so many times this year, surely it's beyond freakish chance or circumstance. Gotta be an explanation.

- The only explanation is Habs PK forwards play extraordinarily aggressive on the line - one could hardly argue the strategy, with Montreal maintaining a firm and enduring grasp as the number 2 PK in the League.

- The only team in the NHL that's had a more disappointing season are the Tampa Bay Lightening. Steve Yzerman is in attendance (scouting?) at the ACC.

- If Desharnais makes a pass to Pacioretty on that 2-0 break, it's probably 1-0.

- Pkekanec does not get enough credit or recognition for his two-way play.

- Bourque scores his first as a Hab, courtesy a juicy/crazy rebound off a Plekanec shot.

- Well that lead didn't last long. Huge defensive breakdown by Subban/Gorges allowing Lombardi a free pass to Price, who looked very awkward getting beat blocker side. Like every shootout he's been in this year, I suppose. Game tied.

Second Period:

- For whatever strange reason, many predictions in the Twitter universe tonight that Gomez will score a goal tonight. He's got 40 minutes left to fulfill the dreams of all those crazy people who have access to a keyboard.

- Emelin led all Habs D with icetime in the first. His roller coaster role on this club hits a peak.

- Cunneyworth has Gomez on the wing matched with Bourque and Plekanec, the two guys responsible for Habs goal. That's how desperately he wants Scott to score (since last night's shootout experiment ended in complete failure).

- Plekanec line sent right back out, and Gomez proceeds to almost immediately blow his coverage, very nearly resulting in Leafs second goal.

- I say Cunneyworth should just send Gomez out for every shift until he scores a goal, and then call it a season. He's very nearly doing that right now. #greatmomentsincoaching

- Habs draw a powerplay. Just decline them, guys. Just decline them.

- Habs building sustained pressure with the advantage. Just goes to show what I know.

- Excellent shift by the Eller line. Habs building significant momentum in the period, but now need to be rewarded with a goal.

- It's fishing season. Elemin just crunched a little Crabb.

- Kostitsyn hacked to the ice by Komisarek, right in front of the zone official who does nothing. The back official then has to come in to make the call. Sheesh.

- Habs had zero going on that PP.

- Two periods, the game's been pretty uptempo, quite even. Two more points up for grabs. How will the boys blow it again tonight? Stay tuned.

Third Period:

- OHMYGOSH Gomez has just 20 minutes left to score or, you know, he'll have to try again on Wednesday.

- Only Cole has played more tonight than the big G. That's how desperate Cunneyworth has become. I guess he figures that Scott holds the key for turning the season around. Who's to argue? (don't answer that).

- Has Cole had a single shift this year where he wasn't putting out 100%? Be danged if I can think of one.

- Bourque had a wide open net, puck bounced over his blade as he took the shot. These are your 2011-12 Montreal Canadiens.

- When the glass went out in Pittsburgh, it took them 4 minutes to fix it. When it goes out at the ACC, it takes them the length of an Wagner opera.

- Diaz with a seeing eye bullet! Gomez with the nice assist. We'll take it!

- There is 16 minutes left in the period. We have been here before. More times than I care to remember. #dontsitonalead

- If tonight's Bourque is the real Bourque, then I'm satisfied with the trade.

- The boys are, ever so slightly, sitting on this lead. Please. Not again.

- Price feelin' it. Can he shut the door for an entire 13 minutes?

- I'll stick the neck out. If Habs can score just one more, this one is done.

- And Gill takes a "tripping" penalty.

- Pleks came very close to breaking another one for a shorthanded break.

- Kessel's been very quiet tonight. Just got stoned twice by Price on this Leafs PP.

- Leafs fans really thought Darche put that out of play by himself? Are they that blind?

- And now Diaz .. I think, will go to the box for that offense. Nope. He escapes. Officials didn't see it.

- There's 10 freaking minutes left. It feels like this period has gone on forever.

- Lars Eller. I think I love you. There's that 3rd goal!

- Excellent (and correct) goaltending interference call. Fans don't like it, but that's Toronto for you.

- Habs in complete shut-down mode, except this time, they're doing it well.

- If Leafs do pull their net, be assured Gomez will be on the ice.

- Price with a great save in a huge goal mouth scramble. Ain't no way he was going to be beat tonight.

- Gomez *not* on for the empty net. Sorry crazy people. Maybe another day.

- A great game, a great victory. Habs win!! Leafs lose!! In what has otherwise been a pretty bleak season, things just got a whole lot brighter in Habs land. Savor this. Breath it in. Enjoy.

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