Thursday, 7 February 2013

Game Ten: Habs vs Sabres

So last night. Still have a taste in my mouth. Dry, bitter, rancid taste. And no, it's not Folger's crystal coffee that I may or may not have consumed this morning. It's losing to ever-loathsome Boston freakin' Bruins. I've had enough of that. No more. No more Folger's crystals either. That stuff is poison. I think it might be recycled pieces of ashphault.

ON TO BETTER AND BRIGHTER THINGS. Tonight we face the Sabres, who've become one the the early-season disappointments! They were supposed to be kinda challenging for a high spot in the Division this season, but right now they're at the bottom of the heap looking wayyyyy up to see the top. So you just know that Lindy Ruff is very displeased right now, and everyone who wears and plays in that Sabres sweater knows it.

Ergo, I don't expect tonight's game to be anything less than a significant challenge. You know the Ryan Miller will be bringing his game, and by now, in case you've been dead the past couple of weeks (which, by the way, you really should see a doctor about asap), there's a guy named Thomas Vanek who's kinda tearing up the League with 19 points, or 2 points a game, which is sorta *really* good.

Habs side, who's going to sit? Kaberle again? Will Ryan White return, and if so, who'll sit for him? Eller, possibly? So many questions.

Answers in a few hours when the game puck drops.

First Period:

- Both clubs doing very good job clearing their own zones, limiting chances.

- That's how you do it, Pleks with a beaut snap from the circle, Habs grab early lead.

- Fast and furious now, courtesy a wreathed turnover by Bouillon deep in his zone. Kaberle is already thinking "no way I'd have done that." Orr score ties the game quickly.

- Habs D more aggressive pinches to keep the puck in Sabres zone, it's creating pressure and chances.

- Poor decision making by Subban creates two on one shorthanded break for Buffalo. Needs to play smarter.

- Sabres feeding the line quite a bit for shots, clearly looking for deflections and rebounds. Not a lot has been forthcoming to this point.

- Relatively even period, one major good by Bouillon cost the Habs a probable first intermission lead.

Second Period:

- Is it unreasonable to say that Budaj is terrible at covering up loose pucks?

- Not to be overly harsh, but no way Price plays as soft as Budaj did on Sabres equalizer. These backup netminding wins are going to be tough.

- I've read the preposterous argument that Markov and Subban combo on the PP is a bad idea. Hoping that Subban cannon goal shuts that stupid observation up once and for all.

- Sloppy played period. Habs somewhat fortunate to be up by one. With Budaj, Habs will need to score at least one more in the third. It's that simple.

Third Period:

- Well there you go. Pleks with a beautiful move on the break to beat Miller, and Budaj has his cushion. 4-2 Habs.

- Canadiens really clamping down nicely here, clearing their zone beautifully. Buffalo hasn't had a sniff of a chance since the Plekanec goal.

- Seems like Vanek is dangerous each and every shift. He's that good.

- Speaking of, it would be a significant feather in the Habs' cap if they were to keep Vanek off the scoresheet tonight.

- Ryan White drops his glove on Ott, and has just drawn an incredibly dumb penalty. Four minutes in total, and it's all but certain he'll be a healthy scratch for some time to come.

- Hoo boy. Sabres score and are still on the powerplay. No way I'd want to be White right now. No way.

- There goes keeping Vanek off the board.

- Sabres all over Habs right now. Ryan White praying.

- Office pool on when White plays again? Put me down for March. Maybe.

- Habs seemingly have regained some of the momentum which was pretty much all Sabres. Now can they hold and win?

- Sabres swarming, Budaj's gonna give me a cardiac.

- Habs doing incredible job keeping puck in Sabres zone there. Speed/hustle kills.

- Therrien tosses Eller out there last minute, showing confidence that he'll help bring this home.

- Oh Budaj. Oh dear. Hoo boy. Point blow. This might be reviewed though.

- Budaj simply unable to cover the loose puck. Yeah, we mentioned that earlier.

- Plekanec pleading with refs that Budaj was mugged in the crease during the scramble. Interference is not reviewable.

- It might be over simplistic, but if Price is in goal, we win. If Ryan White doesn't do something really stupid, we win. Overtime we go.


- It's simple, Habs must win in OT, because Miller vs. Budaj in shootout is massive advantage for the Sabres.

- Sabres aren't dumb, they're clearly playing for the shootout.

- Shootout it is. Do we even bother watching a foregone conclusion?


- Vanek, of course. Oy.

- Galchenyuk, responds! Beaut.

- Nice blocker save by Budaj. There is hope.

- Don't understand going with Bourque.

- Pomminville, there it is.

- Plekanec, nope. Point blown.

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