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Game Five: EC Quarterfinals: Sens vs. Habs

First Period:

- Carey Price's strongest critics seems to be of a collective opinion that Peter Budaj will be the next Jaroslav Halak. Well, those critics fail to realize this isn't 2010, the Habs aren't playing the then dysfunctional Washington Capitals, and Budaj ain't no Halak.

- Craig Anderson robs Bourque, then Blunden on his first shift. Blunden is already more productive in 15 seconds than Desharnais has been in 4+ games.

- Budaj. Hoo boy.

- Budaj's awful first goal in an instant just drained the life out of the Bell Centre.

- Bourque. Wide. Open. Net. Goal. Post. The series is cursed.

- So many incredibly juicy rebounds being surrendered by Anderson, Habs their own worst enemy here, can't cash in on these glorious opportunities.

- Habs 4th line really generating some fine momentum so far. Therrien rewarding them with regular shifts.

- So Habs dominating the Sens, but trail on the scoreboard. #brokenRecord

- Un. Freaking. Believable. I'm speechless. Beyond explanation.

- My hands are in the air, thrown up. If the Habs' great regular season was aided by some good fortune, it's all turned against them in the series.

- No margin for error, Habs must score the next goal or it's over. And even at that ...

- To borrow a bit from an Orwellion term, David Desharnais is double plus negative to his team. Bergevin must be eyes wide open at night wondering why on earth he offered that long term contract.

- Drinking game. Take a shot every time you hear the words "Ryder lost the puck." Repeat for 60 minutes of hockey. See if you're still alive.

- For the first time seemingly ever, the Sens get tossed in the circle, giving Plekanec an easy win. Subban the rocket off the post and in. WE SCORE, DAMMIT.

- That last second goal was so very, very important. It gives the Habs a glimmer of hope. Budaj must find a way of keeping the Sens at bay. He can't afford to surrender these softies. Anyway, we have hope.

Second Period:

- If the Habs score on this second powerplay the roof might come off the building.

- Not sure if its illusionary, but it feels like Habs are starting to gel here. Budaj must stay focused, no more bad goals.

- The gelling process is not aided very much by too many men numbskull penalties. Le sigh.

- Could be wrong by Karlsson looks about a full step slower tonight. I wonder ...

- Armstrong. That close. The Gods hath spoken. Just isn't happening.

- "Desharnais falls to the ice." Annnnnnnd ... drink.

- Budaj clearly interfered. Just wow. They're going to count this.

- Bah. Never mind. Plekanec pushed his man. Habs just can't buy a break.

- CBC crew missing the controversy. Therrien isn't questioning the goal, he's questioning Turris being five feet offside as the play was carried in. ANOTHER blown call by an NHL linesman.

- Looking at the goal again from the play carried in. Yup. Terris was way, way offside. Unbelievable incompetence by League officiating. No excuse for this.

- Okay, I've looked at freeze frame of the play carried in, and Turris was ONside. So apologies to the incompetent officiating.

- Atmstrong's shot enters, this game is completely different. Probably favours Habs to win. Maddening.

- Sigh. And now, the end is near ...

Third Period:

- Not sure if Ryder will be pursued by Habs at season's end, but whatever happens, this series could have a devastating effect on his pocketbook. Wouldn't be surprised if his performance has cost him at least a million a season on whatever contract he's offered this summer.

- Michael Ryder, deep in Sens zone, hooks in front of the official. Can we have Erik Cole back?

- Galchenyuk hasn't played 10 minutes tonight. Yeah I don't get it, either.

- Alfredsson with a routine wrister puts stake through the heart of the Habs' season. 4 goals on 22 shots. Zoink.

- Hopefully Budaj's performance tonight will at least take some of the heat off Price. Who am I kidding? The haters are just gonna keep hating.

- Final note before signing off for the season. Nothing to be ashamed of. A year ago the Habs complete a 15th place finish. This year they finished 2nd. First round a disappointment, but so much promise for very bright days and huge successes ahead, in the very near future.

Take care, folks. I'll be posting more goo through the spring and summer, so please come back!

Gameday Preview:

We have a Slovak guy in net. So here's the deal. We need some of that 2010 magic, or tonight's the final game of the season. 

Habs win tonight, and we've got ourselves a series again.

Puck drops at 7:10 EST, in friendly territory.


Gameday Notes:

- UPDATE: Max Pacioretty will play tonight. Bournival ... close but no cigar.

- Habs confirmed that Carey Price will be out for the rest of the series. It's now Peter Budaj or broke. Oh yeah, Budaj has played once against Ottawa this season. January 30th. He lost. Badly. 5-1.
- Lars Eller did another morning skate today in Brossard. He ain't playing, but it's still great to see.
- Steve Kozari, Chris Rooney will referee tonight.  Lonnie Cameron, Jay Sharrers will work the lines. Hopefully they'll be able to recognize what an icing is.
- With the injuries mounting like crazy, Mike Blunden will probably get a start tonight. Nothing against Mike, but wow ... we're reaching here. UPDATE: Blunden is confirmed starter.
- Left winger Hamilton Bulldog Michael Bournival has been told by the club he may play tonight if either Max Pacioretty or Rene Bourque can't go.

Take heart Habs fans, the Washington Capitals, who might still advance to the next round, will have to do so with Alex Ovechkin as a passenger. Watch the video below and see if you can spot Ovechkin. It's a thing of beauty.

So yeah. It could be worse.

Therrien Presser: 

Oh man. This one is rough. Really, really rough.

Let's go over the wounded list. Brandon Prust, out for game 5. Ryan White again. Carey Price is a maybe.

And Therrien on Gionta, when he learned of the bicep tear:

"When he heard the news, our captain was crying in my arms. He's got a lot of courage. It's demanding, it's tough."

Sweet jesus. Gut-wrenching.

Oh GOD, Those Awful, Awful Icing Calls

That's one brutally tough video to watch. Ugh.

Oh, Rob Ford Don't You EVER Stop Being You:

Go Leafs Nation Go! Toronto STRONGER! Blah blah yadda whatevs ...

Injury Update:

It's Gionta, and as originally reported on our Twitter feed @habsgameblog on May 3rd, it was that bicep. It was retorn his right bicep, his left tore last year. Incredible.  So he's done for the year. Surgery Friday. He might not even be ready for October.

Yup. So ... yup.

The Day After

Go away. Leave me alone. I don't want to talk about it. No really. Just shut the door. Leave the lights off. Thanks.


Okay, tomorrow is another day. I guess that's today. Whatever.

BUT ...

Lars Eller skated this morning in Brossard. So hell, even if Thursday is the last game of the year, isn't that something to be cheery about?

We heart Lars Eller.

We heart Alex Galchenyuk. And Brandon Prust. And Branden Gallagher. And P.K. Subban. And Thomas Plekanec. And HELL yeah ... we heart Carey Price. Enough railing against Price already people. He was excellent last night, and now it looks like he's done for the year.

We ... Raphael Diaz. Okay never mind.

Butter up Habs faithful, there's been darker days than this.

Therrien will be holding a presser later today, so we'll have more later.

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