Sunday, 29 December 2013

Game Forty: Habs vs Panthers


Wait. Is Michel Therrien still employed?

Well then, nevermind.


Florida 4, Montreal 1

Third Period:

- Ya know, it's a good thing for Therrien the Habs are 7 above .500 because this is the kind of game that gets coaches fired.

- Briere is back on the bench. Who knows where or why he left.

- Habs with 4-on-4 open ice, so of course Therrien sends out ... Bouillon.

- 7 minutes gone in the 3rd, no shifts yet in the period, safe to say Emelin has been benched.

- Briere gets his first shift with nearly 20 minutes of game clock ticked, and scores. But then it's waved because Galchenyuk bumped the goalie. Habs and Briere can't score for losing.

- Galchenyuk clearly pushed into the crease. That goal should have counted. Oy.

- "Make up" penalty called on Florida. As if the Habs had an actual functioning productive powerplay.

- Markov has had nothing going tonight. Just. Nothing.

- Habs December record will drop to 8-5, which is mind boggling when you consider they've scored just 25 goals over that stretch.

- Dismal outing. No excuses for this club - although I'm sure the coach will offer up a few, and the scribes will happily pass it along. But, this team, in particular, it's offense, is broken. Hopelessly broken.

Second Period:

- Prust turnaround wrister in front of an extra slow motion Florida defense draws Habs even. Habs have had the legs to start the period.

- Pushback by Panthers after Habs goal, Canadiens Prust having one of those three minute long shifts and Panthers have Habs pinned in their zone.

- Terrible line change and Budaj fumbles the puck ... guess who was also on the ice for an even strength against? Emelin. 2-1.

- Markov's shooting accuracy has mysteriously gone south the past 6 weeks. Could explain his scoring drought.

- Watching Emelin's shift. He looks ...anemic? Just not moving his feet. And the panthers score again. He needs to be pulled from this game.

- Daniel Briere isn't on the bench. Not sure if it's an injury or equipment or .... something else?

- More or less a disasterous period for the Habs, a complete disaster for Emelin, and to a lesser extent, Markov. Just dismal ... and no excuses ... Certainly not "exhaustion" considering the team just had a 7 day rest.

First Period:

- Gomez a healthy scratch. Big mistake Florida ... BIG mistake.

- The perennially invisible Rene Bourque gets some powerplay time, and immediately gets nabbed for interference. And so it goes ....

- Habs really struggle to get shots ON net, this time it's Pacioretty and the redeflect off the boards generates a two on one after Markov makes a half-hearted poke check at center ice. Kulakov the trailer, Budaj not moving laterally fast enough and Florida takes early lead. None of this happens if Bourque stays out of the box while on the powerplay.

- What does it take to get Desharnais to shoot? Must the net be completely wide open?

- Subban and Gorges with some pretty awful zone coverage. Should be 2-0.

- The book on Emelin surely is established by now, he can be beat wide by any rushing winger ... pretty much at will. The knee injury has seemingly resulted in permanent damage.

- Gionta enraged as linesman miscalled high stick denying Habs tying goal. Officiating cardinal sin - if you're not sure, don't make the call.

- Emelin is positionally terrible, in addition to his chronic slowness. A double whammy defensive liability.

- Evenly played first period - which is very good news for the supposedly overmatched Panthers. Habs offensive woes ... well, it's the same old story.


Only one man stands in the way.

Fear him. 

I think that's Scott celebrating a goal? Not sure, since such photographs are exceedingly difficult to find.

Anyway .... the Gomez express is about to leave the station. Hat trick. Five assists. Peter Budaj won't know what hit him. The Habs are toast tonight. Bank it.

Puck drops at 5:10 EST.

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