Friday, 4 April 2014

Game Seventy-Eight: Habs vs. Sens


- Mad Max. 38. Brilliant. Great feed by Desharnais right in the tape. Sens ├╝ber soft slot defense giving Anderson nightmares. 6-3.

- This line is having a killer night. Vanek to Pacioretty to Desharnais who has all day to make Anderson look like a fool. 7-3.

- Zach Smith doing his best brainless Chris Neil impersonation tonight.

- Habs just need to play safe. Avoid injuries courtesy Ottawa head hunters.

- Hey now, just 4 more to that 15 goal night I'd mentioned earlier. 

- Emelin is +4 tonight. How he managed to get that is completely baffling.

- A comfortable but disconcerting win for the Habs tonight. Badly outshot, and sloppy zone play are not the way you want to head into the post season.The analytics will cause some hand wringing, as thoughts turn towards the series against Tanpa. Anyway, Montreal now firmly controlling their own destiny in claiming the 2nd spot and home advantage. Home ice might be the series decider.


- Well, at least Subban is playing. Still doesn't forgive Therrien for his absurd abuse of his star defenseman.

- Eller banks in the rebound and Habs take the lead. Crazy.

- Oops, seconds later Neil banks in a rebound and it's ruled no goal off incidental contact. But the replay shows Weaver (mostly) ran into Budaj. Sens ought to have tied the game, there.

- Galchenyuk has no business being in a fight with anyone. Even if it's against a non-fighter than Karlsson.

- Bouillon is a d-zone disaster. Constant and wreck less puck chasing leaving Subban out to dry protecting the slot and crease. And yet, it's P.K. who's always getting the bench.

- Presence of Parros makes the Habs 4th line a shell of its former self. Ottawa offense eating that line alive.

- Also terrible tonight, the Emelin/Markov pairing. Sens are matching Spezza line against those two and it's resulting in some grade A scoring chances. 

- Tinordi and Gryba with a good ol fashioned tussle. Tinordi responding to a hit on Briere. 

- Tinordi with an instigator penalty? Really? 

- Who said Paicoretty couldn't score on breaks? Probably me. 37th of the year and it's 5-3.

- Quite the frame for the Habs. Three straight goals to take control of this game which just 90 minutes ago looked like a complete disaster for the Habs. 


- If the first three minutes are any indication,the Habs seem intent on coasting against their opponent tonight. Lazy penalty after he puck is dropped, indifferent checking on the resultant PP.

- 2-0. Deflected? Budaj looks like his head is in the clouds. Horrible start.

- 3-0. Markov and Emelin with some horrid defense on a simple 2-on-2 Sens rush. Budaj might get a mercy pull soon.

- Markov gets Habs on the board with a shot behind the Ottawa net, Anderson off somewhere else. This might be a wild night ahead. It already is.

- Vanek a great screen, he might have redeflected the Weaver point shot, and it's 3-2. Not even at the 10 minute mark.

- Sens first and third goals were courtesy shoddy Habs defense, Habs two goals courtesy poor Sens netminding and soft defense. It's victory through attrition tonight.

- The way both these teams are playing tonight (mostly sloppy) don't be surprised if 15 goals are scored.

- So P.K. has been benched. For the grave crime of making a mistake, I suppose. Therrien reminding us why he has no business being an NHL head coach.

- Wow. Tie game. Vanek with a fine flip pass to Pacioretty who beats Anderson like a Sears rug. We're square. Unbelievable.

- Ottawa Sens and three goal leads. I'm sensing an issue, here.

- That was ... um .... interesting. Both teams looked terrible, the brightest lights being the Desharnais line (as usual) and a great period by Weaver, who now looks like a totally brilliant bargain-priced pickup. A great Habs comeback marred by Therrien's juvenile treatment of Subban. 


Happy Friday!! Back-to-back games, the first tonight in Ottawa against the golf-course bound Sens, tomorrow night against Detroit (finally back home) against the maybe-playoff-bound Wings. Yay weekend hockey!!

Even with the loss in Tampa Wednesday, the Habs are sitting fairly comfortably in their division, holding down 2nd spot with tiebreaker in hand. Tonight, there's really no good reason why the Habs shouldn't come out of Ontario with two more points in the bag against the rudderless Ottawa team. It's been a mess of a season for the Senators, whom many an "expert" picked to be near or at the top of the Eastern Conference this season. Well ... how's 12th spot fit ya?

Some reminders about tonight's game:

2. Nathan Beaulieu has been called up from Hamilton and will "fill in" for Murray. YAY.
2. Peter Budaj will start in goal (as expected).
4. Uhh ... George Parros might start? Let's hope not.

This game is important. A win tonight will give the Habs a firmer grasp on 2nd place (and home advantage for the first round against Tampa), PLUS ... it'll officially end the Sens' season.


Puck drops 7:10 EST.

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