Saturday, 25 October 2014

Game Eight: Rangers vs. Habs

Live From S'toon

Yeah, the game that used to be on a certain national network is here today in Saskatoon. We'll be live blogging the Habs later, as they seek some sweet revenge against the Rangers.


Third Period:

- Rangers coming out strong and unlike most portions of the first 40 minutes, with something resembling an organized attack. Price holding the lead, however.

- Pacioretty, as mentioned back in the first, right place, right time. 3-1. Rangers in tough now with a two goal deficit.

- Bountiful of Habs icings here, as they attempt to slow this game to a snail's space. Still long way to go through - 10 minutes. 

- Man, what a save by Price on St. Louis. Must be maddening to be in a Rangers uniform tonight.

- Brenden Gallagher looks to be a pretty good baseball player, dontyathink?

- One aspect Lars Eller, who's off to a fine start, doesn't get nearly enough credit for, is his steadfast refusal to follow the Therrien dump strategy. He's always looking for ways to carry the zone, rather than surrender possession.

- Two minute goalie pull by the Rangers. Will it pay off?

- Rangers have had at least 12 shots coming from high percentage scoring areas tonight. Price has stopped them all but one. He was that good tonight.

- Offensively starved Rangers can only shrug their collective shoulders. It's just not happening for them.

- Carey Price stellar tonight, Habs move to 7-1, their best start since the first year of the Kennedy Administration. All is well in Habsland.

Second Period:

- Possession basically split 50/50 in the period. Habs overall possession continues to be strong at the season's 10% mark.

- At some point Bourque's utter inability to finish these setups will result in his being taken off the Eller line. Lars is doing everything a centre is supposed to do, but he's not being amply rewarded on the scoresheet.

- Nerminders on birth ends putting on a show, almost feels like next goal wins, even though it's only the 2nd.

- Finally Eller hits the goalscore sheet, with a grinding rebounder through Londqvist's legs. Since Bourque can't ever finish, Lars will have to do it himself. 2-1.

- Galchenyuk with more masterful playmaking, and Plekanec contines to be the sniper we never knew or have seen before. Wonder what the heck Thomas was doing during the offseason. Whatever it was, he oughtta bottle it.

- Rangers aren't nearly as fast or dangerous as the team Habs fans became very familiar with this past May. Don't be shocked if they're in tough for a playoff spot next spring.

- Despite very hard final second push by New York, Habs clearly separating themselves away from the Rangers in the period, Lundqvist doing his part to keep it from being a two or three goal Canadiens' lead. Habs need to simply repeat their third period patterns, and they should rack up their fourth straight.

First Period:

- The Gorges-less PK isn't nearly as good as it used to be, but it's at least slowly improving as the season progresses. Impressive early kill.

- Pacioretty with a nose for being right place, right time, all the time. It's almost a wonder why he doesn't score 50.

- McDonagh muffs it all up giving the Habs an incredible 2 on 0 shorthanded break. Pacioretty and Plekanec? No chance Lundqvist.

- Hagland deposits the tying goal off a Price rebound, Gallagher letting Hagland, his check, go completely untouched to the net for the easy goal. The margin of error is narrow in this league, but that was a pretty egregious mistake by Gally.

- Price totally robbing Zuccarello in the slot, Habs really shoddy zone coverage. Really should be 2-1.

- Habs at least are improving with their game starts, really had a good chuck of the first period under the food, clearly out grinding the Rangers. The Malhaltra holding penalty seem to turn the tide of momentum towards New York, they had the Habs on the ropes the final 5 period minutes. Canadiens need to focus on reducing the stupid penalties, even against this struggling Rangers powerplay.

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