Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Game Twenty-Seven: Habs vs. Wild


- Habs have Wiid on the ropes, Subban a perfect slap pass to a wide open Weise, who of course, misses the easy redeflect. Because, Mr. Therrien, he's not a first line forward.

- Tangradi with a stupid board, but given an equally absurd 5 minute major. That should do it for the evening.

- Pretty sad sack Wild powerplay. Don't let the shot clock fool you - the Wild were very beatable tonight. It's more a case of an abysmally prepared Montreal team, overflowing with assets, but poorly utilized by the coaching staff. So disheartening.

- Habs mailing in the final 5 minutes. Another shutout. Far too many of those this season.

- Galchenyuk at least it won't be a shutout. But too little too late.

- We called it two nights ago. This Habs team headed downward fast, with little hope of salvaging this road trip. You think the Wild were tough? (they weren't), try the Black Hawks. Oy.


- Joining in late tonight just in time to see Emelin take a careless high stick penalty. Yup.

- Vanek looks just wow - as listless and ineffective as ever on the man advantage. 

- Bryan Allen standing around while Price desperately tries to cover the puck. Only starts to "enforce" well after the whistle is blown.

- No way that goal counts. Hit with a high stick. Critical point in the game - 1 instead of 2-0 is a huge difference.

- How'd the official so vigorously signal that a goal? Terrible.

- Unbelievably its ruled a goal, even though Pomminville clearly had his stick raised totally vertically when deflecting the puck in. Speechless here.

- Allen can't handle speed. Gets nailed for a holding stick. 

- Wow. Shots are 3-1 ratio in favour of Minnesota. Habs are getting their clocks cleaned. And now down a 5-on-3.

- Emelin as the deep man on this 5-on-3 is just asking for disaster.

- Nonetheless an impressive kill. Wild pretty disorganized just trying to get set up. Remember this kill. Could play a big factor later.

- Weise is placed again on the top line, which apparently is Therrien's "strategy" for "shaking things up".  It's an abysmal and inane manner of thinking. Weise has, is, and will never be, a first line winger.

- 10 shots after forty minutes? I'm now wishing I hadn't missed this game in its entirety.

Normally I'd be making snide remarks, and trying to be "funny" (and of course, failing miserably) on here to preview tonight's game - but naw. Not today. For Jean, we're just going to let the picture stand by itself.

Puck drops later. We'll blog it.

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