Monday, 2 March 2015

Game Sixty Three: Habs vs. Sharks


- At this point, just hoping Habs can score one goal, and that goal be scored by Eller. Is that too much to ask?

- Sharks are just dumping the zone. Dumping, dumping, dumping. It won't change the score but it will artificially raise the Habs possession numbers.

- Marleau, with DSP in the box. 4-0. Still hoping for one lousy goal. Not even a powerplay tonight. What a mess.

- Okay. This night never happened. Here's looking forward to Wednesday, when Jiri Sekac will be able to remind Bergevin that it's best he not ever, ever, ever consult with Therrien about roster changes.


 Another point shot dangerously redeflected on Price because Gilbert was outmuscled in front of his net.

- Didn't think it possible, but Habs might be playing worse so far in the second period than they did in the first. Beaulieu and Gilbert  are having all kinds of problems.

- Sharks are aptly matching Thornton against Malhotra now, and they're crushing the Habs with zone pressure and possession.

- Gilbert is a total disaster. He literally appears dazed and confused. 3-0. The Habs are having one of their worst games in ... years? Certainly this season - by far worse than the 7-1 thrashing they took at the hands of the Lightening in October.

- Habs register their first shot on goal. 7 minutes into the period. 

- Habs first somewhat sustained pressure comes 34 minutes into the game.

- Sharks kind of sitting on this with 5 minutes left. And who could possibly blame them? 

- DSP on the 4th line now, just like Bergevin wanted, right?

- Habs with some late period pushback, but it was still another horrible period of an otherwise terrible game for the Canadiens. One more period of this will be agony. But we persevere. 


- Habs D won't be as anticipated, Subban/Markov, Beaulieu/Gilbert and Petry will start on the third line next to Gonchar.

- Just looking over at that awesome starting six, #Habs are icing possibly their strongest defense tonight in 22 years. Now just watch them give up six goals to the Sharks. Just watch.

- God, that Price stats line is mind-blowing, 62 games in. 

- Habs look pretty rusty five minutes in, Sharks much more structured and rushing the Habs zone with relative ease.

- Sloppy zone turnovers ain't helping much either. Beaulieu and Gilbert are clearly not on the same page together - still can't figure out why Therrien didn't keep those Beaulieu and Gonchar paired up tonight.

- Guess what? A sloppy turnover, this time Plekanec, and it's 1-0 Sharks. This could be a very, very long night if the Habs don't get their act in gear quickly.

- Beaulieu/Gilbert pairing a bit of a total mess so far. Gilbert in particular has been caught napping out near Alcatraz a couple of times. Can we have that Beaulieu/Petry set already? Please?? 

- Therrien is matching Joe Thornton with ... are you ready for this ... Manny Malhotra. The results have predictably been disasterous (for the Habs) so far.

- If this first period is any indication of how this west coast trip is going to go, Habs might as well charter a flight home tonight and default L.A. and Anaheim. Heck, Arizona, for that matter. 

- Eller plopped on the wing. Therrien sends Malhotra out to take d zone faceoff, loses it badly, Price forced to make a tough save. Manny skates off immediately to the bench. Madness continues.

- Pretty sure Bergevin traded for DSP so that Therrien would stop playing Weise on the top 6. Yet tonight, guess who's back playing on the top 6?

2-0. Fitting. Very fitting.

- Horrible first period. Horrible line deployment and matching. Horrible zone exits. Horrible passing lane cocerage. Horrible penalties. Do yourself a favour. Just turn off the tv and go to bed at a decent hour.


Okay, let's talk about some game night stuff:

- P.A. Parenteau will start tonight against the Sharks, coming off a concussion.
- Micheal Bournival got sent to Hamilton today. Man, that's a killer plane ride home from central California. Especially since this probably means Bournival won't get to play anymore with the big club this season (including playoffs).
- Jeff Petry, last we heard, was flying down to San Francisco. Whether he'll play tonight is still up in the air.


- WHOOPS. Guess the reports earlier that Joonas Natinen was sent to the Sabres was wrong, wrong, WRONG. It's Jack Nevins, which is pretty much as close to zero a price tag involving a human being with cardiovascular activity, as possible.

- And it's ... done. Habs snag Sabres centre Torry Mitchell in return for Joonas Natinen (uhh-kay) and a 7th round pick. It's a weird (?) move, given that the Habs biggest deficit was a right handed winger. With news today that Michel Bournival was sent packing to Hamilton, one speculates that getting Mitchell and Flynn means that:

- Manny Malhotra's playing opportunities are right now minimal to none.
- Lars Eller (who wasn't dealt) appears destined to be on the wing, full-time.

So ... the forward line combinations. Who knows? We'll find out soon enough.

- Sabers' Brian Flynn to the Habs? That's a big swirl right now. UPDATE: It's done. A minor deal, it appears in exchange for a 2016 lower pick. If Flynn were to be used now, he'd be on the 4th line, meaning Malhotra is pushed out. Which, I suppose, is a good thing.

- Lots of rumors swirling now that Habs are trying to land either Jordan Eberle from Edmonton, or (gasp!) Phil Kessel from the Leafs. Hang on tight.

- In case you hadn't heard, or you're unemployed and you just woke up, and this is the first site you went to (which is about Dante level of sadness), Jeff Petry was traded to the Habs in return for a 2nd round (2015) pick, and an additional conditional pick. (

Meanwhile ...

And in other news ...

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