Saturday, 9 May 2015

Game Five: EC Semi Final: Lightning vs. Habs


- Habs must continue to apply pressure, need one more goal. One more time.

- Not for lack of effort, Galchenyuk is ridiculously overdue for a goal. He's been doing the right things tonight, driving the net, and playing more towards the middle of the ice.

- Tampa is losing the centre ice battle in the period, while Bishop is surrendering some pretty choice rebounds off relatively easy shots.

- What a crazy insane incredible glove save by Price on Filppula. Remember that save.

- Big push by Tampa 8 minutes in, Habs very scrambly and disorganized in their zone. Price keeping them in it.

 There it is. Habs just couldn't get their act in gear, and finally Stamkos finishes the play, breaking many a heart. Tie game. 

- Habs have dominated with lots of zone pressure since the 13 minute mark, but puck just doesn't seem to be bouncing. Have to wonder if Tampa is going to win this by accident again.

- Parenteau!! There it is. P.K. with a great play at the line to keep the puck in and then feeding Parenteau with a tremendous shot just under the crossbar. The puck finally goes the Habs way, and they lead 2-1 with four minutes left.

- Tampa throwing everything in the zone now, which means one of two things - a tying goal, or delicious odd man breaks for the Habs. Hold on to your seats. This is going to be quite the finish.

- Two thirty left. Habs have been doing a pretty poor job clearing the zone to kill this clock.

- Habs zone clearances go from bad to the very worst. JUST GET IT OUT. ICING IS FINE. 



- So we're joining in late, and we see the Habs up one (Smith-Pelly!!), and Ben Bishop doing his usual flops to try to draw penalties. 

- OOOOh 4-on-3, big opportunity awaits. Westerov with a poor interference.

- There's the horseshoe again, crossbar hit, guess who? P.K.

- Another post. Good lord. Habs powerplay all over Tampa. It hasn't looked this good in months. Should be 2-0'i if not for those horseshoes.

- Tampa generating some pressure at the 9 minute mark, Habs diddling far too much with the puck in their zone. I hate the chip out strategy, but it sure beats turning the puck over deep.

- Didn't see enfrier period, but so far P.K. Has been a monster in the second.

- Really, really liking how the Habs are exiting their zone - passing outlets from defense to wing. Chips are being kept to a thankful minimum.

- Therrien matching Stamkos line with 4th Mitchell line. Really think that's a mistake just asking for inevitable trouble, even against a struggling Stamkos.

- Price would appear to be bringing his "on" game tonight.

- Did Gallagher just draw a roughing penalty? Miracles never cease.

- So too is Bishop's puck luck. Yet another post hit on the powerplay, yet another fabulous looking man advantage for the Habs, the difference maker is unquestionably Jeff Petry, who's added another potent dimension to the specialty unit.

- What a period for the Habs, even considering their lack of a goal. Totally dominating Tampa, generating some incredible powerplay pressure, and featuring stellar play by Subban and perhaps even more impressive, Jeff Petry. Marc Bergevin, whatever it takes, this Petry kid is something special. How the Oilers didn't secure him king term is remarkable.


Hey, hey. Saturday night hockey in Montreal! Game five, do or die. We know the drill, blah blah.

- Nathan Beaulieu, IN! Habs have gone 2-5 since his injury. Greg Pateryn, out.

- Andrei Markov, who's been a mystery all playoffs, had his best game of the post-season on Thursday night. One more time, Andrei.

- Hey, we have scoring from guys who weren't scoring! Markov, Prust. Keep it up guys, do that one more time.

- Ben Bishop looked bad. Really bad! Ben, you heard what P.K. said about sitting on horseshoes this series. We think P.K. is on to something. So do what you did on Thursday night, Ben. One more time.

- Hey Habs can make this series interesting with just one more win. Com'on boys. Do it. Just one more time?


Puck drops at 7:10 EST. We'll be joining in later in the first period. 

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