Friday, 19 February 2016

Game 59: Flyers vs Habs


- We're a little late to the action because NHL Game Center wouldn't load up for yours truly. So let's catch up:

- Dale Weise, aka trade fodder, opens the scoring courtesy a lucky bounce off a pass from behind the net. Within 10 seconds, the Flyers tie the game courtesy some pretty awful goaltending by Mike Condon. So puck luck giveth, poor performances taketh away.

- Fans chant when P.K. carries the puck up ice on a rush. At the very least, those not named Rejean Tremblay.

- I suppose we can only hope that the fans can influence matters by voting with their butts - as in, not filling the Bell Centre. That, however, is not the case tonight. Pretty much sold out arena.

- Condon making saves, although his body language looks pretty down-in-the-dumps. Yes, he's not been playing well lately, but even he must realize that the backup job in Montreal is totally up for grabs right now.

- Jacob De La Rose, who had a miserable first half to the AHL season in St. John's, has looked pretty impressive since his recent call-up. Not necessarily sealing the case to stat with the team, but certainly planting the seed for earning a more permanent job next season. Assuming, of course, he's not part of any near-term trade package.

- This might be the most boring period of Habs hockey I've seen this season. Not a lot of flow either direction so far the first 15 minutes.

- Habs first powerplay, I have no idea what the heck they were trying. Carrying to the Flyers line, then dropping the puck backwards to the red line, then dropping the puck backwards to their own zone. Never seen that before in hockey. Worked brilliantly, of course. Habs didn't register a shot on goal.

- Except for the fluky Weise goal, Habs offence rolling snake eyes this period. Very little semblance of tempo or organization in the period.

- Flyers first powerplay pretty dreadful mess. Fits nicely with how this period was played in general.

- That. Was. Bad. Hockey. Flyers seemed to hold more of the tempo, but didn't really generate much of any scoring threats against Condon, save their one goal which had no business going in the net. If there's any upside to that first period, it's that we didn't pay to watch it live.


- Habs and Flyers after one period. Habs got schooled by a pretty bad Flyers team.

- Habs offence, the few times it's been able to get anything remotely organized as far as an attack is concerned, very passive creating traffic in the Flyers crease. Neuvirth yet to really be tested as we approach the halfway point of regulation.

- We hate to be quick to judge, but the Eller/Pacioretty pairing ain't workin'. Certainly not tonight. Both seem to really struggling to find each other on the ice, lots of unforced errors being made by each.

- So little to say about this game, because there's so little happening in the game. Might be the worst played hockey game I've seen this year, and I've seen some stinkers.

- Hard to believe the Flyers have the 17th overall rated powerplay. Looks like it should rated about 148th.

- Well, Galchenyuk's come to play tonight. Not sure how many of his teammates have joined him.

- Tom Gilbert has come to play tonight. So ... let's see .. Galchenyuk, Subban, Gilbert ... Gallagher .. 4 out of 20. 

- By his, or for that matter, any standards, Max Pacioretty is having a pretty forgettable game tonight. Zero chemistry with Eller and Andrighetto. 

- I think it's now safe to say this is the worst game of the season, as far as entertainment value is concerned. Two bad teams playing bad hockey. A formula for sleep. I'm not sure I'll make it through one more period of this. Anyway, Habs, even against the dreadfully playing Flyers, still got manhandled in the period. I'd say it's amazing they're tied on the scoreboard, except for the fact that the Flyers really haven't generated scoring chances on Condon.


- Habs and Flyers in the 2nd period. Again mostly dominated by the Flyers. 

- Not that the Habs need more bad news, but Tom Gilbert is out for the night with a lower body injury, we assume sustained in the 2nd after blocking a hard slap shot. Gilbert, one would have figured, was a prime candidate for trading with the deadline approaching. That option might have just gone out the window.

- Well, there it is.  Gostisbehere puts the Flyers ahead 2-1, as Plekanec totally leaves his mark unchecked.

- Ah, Max Pacioretty. Welcome back to the scoresheet. Off a powerplay, no less. A snap shot that probably should have been stopped, but we'll take it. Habs undeservedly in a tie game.

- Damn that Subban. Such a selfish player. Total individualist. Two assists tonight. The gall. Won't someone get this guy under control?

- Habs seemingly finding a gear here that hasn't been there all night. Play has definitely tilted towards the Flyers end of the ice. Might the Habs actually pull this one out?

- Eller and Pacioretty seem to be finally clicking. It was a rough first 40 minutes tonight, but they're definitely finding each other in the 3rd.

Hope you're cool with that, Ron Fornier.

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