Monday, 11 April 2016

Habs Post-Season: April


Okay, here we go with the press conference:

- Molson is there to give them (Bergevin/Therrien) support. Isn't that sweet of him?

- Bergevin said that no goaltender was really available in January, although it's now known that the Leafs would have traded Reimer for a 2nd rounder. So that's a lie.

- Bergevin says his focus is on making the Habs a winning team, which is basically him describing his main responsibility as a GM.

- Lots of rationales by Bergevin for failing to find anything to improve his hockey team. NO EXCUSES!*
(*offer only applies to the players).

- All coaches will return. Lefebvre will also return to head coaching the Ice Caps. This is pretty much worst-case scenerio. Insane.

- Bergevin makes it official - Therrien will return.

- Evades the question whether Subban could be traded. Calls him an "elite defenseman". But won't say 100% he's wouldn't trade P.K.

- Therrien bumbles and stumbles in answering why he short-shifted Galchenyuk with his atrocious deployment. Rambling answer - he can't provide one other than some gibberish about matchups, taking a step backward, and loving his progression.

- Bergevin is just evading. Offering nothing but excuses, when he isn't too busy avoiding the provided question.

- Molson says Bergevin is one of the best in the business. It's all futile, then. If the awfulness reaches right up and through Molson, this team truly has no chance of moving forward in a positive direction.

- Bergevin says policies about not detailing nature of injuries won't change in order to protect the players from being targeted. They wouldn't talk about Price because it was to protect him (while he wasn't playing), but then they released all the specifics about his injury at season's end. It makes no sense. Does this mean nobody will target Price next season?

- Here's why the problem is unsolvable. In one quote:

- The Hubris is amazing:
- 65 minutes of evasion, offering up plenty of evidence that Geoff Molson is clueless, and Marc Bergevin's overly inflated opinion about his abilities are going to send this hockey team down a very dark path. Happy days!!!


Press conference by The Three Amigos at 1:30 EST. We'll be live blogging that. Until then, enjoy these quips from locker clean-outs this morning at the Bell Centre:

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