Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Game Fourteen: Oilers v. Habs

First Period:

- Kostytsin is out. Gomez still out. Weber moves to fourth line, although on the whole he's been playing a much stronger game on defense.

- Oilers are just so talent rich, but they had to spend three years in the wilderness to arrive at this point. Montreal fans could and would never tolerate that kind of pain.

- Darche might have hands of stone but he does a nice job in his own zone. Diving backcheck on Ryan Smyth after a sloppy giveaway by Gill might have saved a goal.

- Fans didn't like it, but Gill correctly called for interference.

- Martin has Darche back on the PP unit. Why, oh why?

- Cammy with a goalpost ringer to end all goalpost ringers. Habs PP looking pretty good on its second go round.

- Odd that no shots were registered on that powerplay although there were two pretty clear-cut shots/saves on Khabibulin.

- Oilers doing a nice job setting up their forwards for point blank slot shots. So far Habs have dodged the bullets although eventually, one will elude Price.

- Emelin with a beaut hip check breaking up the Edmonton rush.

- Patioretty doesn't get nearly enough recognition for his sometimes brilliant playmaking.

- Decent period of hockey, Oilers defense looked very good, keeping Habs shots and chances to a minimum. Just 10 shots registered in total for the period, not sure if it was the defense or the scorekeeper that was being stingy.

Second Period:

- Nice neutral zone pressure creates turnover and nice setup Cole to Cammilleri, who somehow can't get it past Khabibulin.

- Habs 4 on 2 break, Subban set up nicely near the slot but decides to pass it off. Last year he's all over that with a shot.

- Sloppy breakout pass by Plekanec and the Oilers score shorthanded. Seems like we saw this three weeks ago where the Habs PP was simply unable to figure out its left hand from its right, and the offense ground to a halt.

- Oilers taking some silly penalties tonight. Fortunately for then the Habs PP looks utterly lost.

- Diaz just awful out there, and nearly gives the Oilers their second shorthanded goal of the period. What a mess.

- Lots of lavish praise and attention is paid to Oilers young gun offense, but it's their defense that impresses me. Bending a little but never breaking.

- Diaz all messed up in his zone, Price brilliant save to keep it a one goal game. Diaz better be careful or he'll play himself into the press box once Markov returns.

- Eller a relatively harmless 60 footer that Khabibulin nearly muffed up, the puck hitting his pad and then the side of the post. Might take a gift to get the Habs on the board tonight.

- When your PP is sputtering why play Darche on the first line? Don't get it.

- Oilers taking all sorts of terrible penalties, now two men down. Nothing to worry about.

- Puck lay behind Khabibulin on the line for at least two seconds, and he had no clue it was there. Never seen that before.

- Habs oh fer seven. Gulp.

- Correction. Puck was in the mesh of net beside Khabibulin, not on the line. In the last two PPs, including the brief 5 on 3, just one shot registered. Got that they ain't scoring tonight feeling.

Third Period:

- Oilers defense is pretty mobile, really been isolating the Canadiens speed on the wing, angling them into dead ends on rushes.

- Cole with all day from about 10 feet to pick his spot and fire away. Still can't beat Khabibulin.

- Diaz with careless bank shot clearance creates easy turnover, lead to shot off the crossbar.

- So many posts hit and silver platter chances missed by both teams I'm losing count.

- Oilers in shoot it in and shut it down mode. Might as well go for a one goal shutout win, Habs just don't have it together.

- Gilbert with a 60 foot screen shot, and it's goodnight, folks.

- Oops, not so fast, Patioretty with a weak backhander to pull the Habs back to within one.

- Subban is totally overdue for SOMEthing.

- And Subban with a blast off the faceoff that just misses. Oh well. Back to grumping about specialty teams, I guess.

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