Saturday, 5 November 2011

Game Thirteen: Habs v. Rangers

- When was the last time we were playing for a fifth straight win? Don't think we had this scenario once last year. Same lineup as last night, which means no Gomez. If it ain't broken, don't bring in the guy hardly anyone wants to see play.

- Good matchup tonight Price vs. Lunqvist, who's arguably been the best goaltender so far this season. Odds are we won't see more than 4 or 5 scored.

First Period:

- Rangers draw a penalty and almost score on their own empty net. How crazy would that have been?

- Blunden with a devastating (and perfectly legal hit) sending the Rangers into a fury. Who says the Canadiens don't have toughness on their 4th line?

- How the Rangers end up with a two man advantage from a brawl they started is baffling. The original hit was totally clean.

- Two minute 5 on 3 you're almost certain to score. 1-0 Rangers.

- Confusion around the net leads to another Rangers powerplay goal, and now Diaz takes a silly tripping call. It's all coming unravelled early.

- Correction, Rangers' second goal scored on even strength. New York: 1 for 5. Montreal 0 for 0.

- 14 minutes have been played. 10 of them the Habs were shorthanded.

- Officials have played far too much a role in the score. Crazy thing is we're just one shot from getting right back into this game. Even strength, Habs have been very competitive, arguably the better team.

- My teeth actually hurt every time they show McDonagh in that Rangers uniform. Gainey won't ever be forgiven for that transgression.

- Now it's getting out of hand. Cammalleri failed to hustle back leaving the Rangers attack free reign on Price. One more and I suspect Martin will give his number one a rest.

Second Period:

- Well that's one way of crawling back into contention. Score in the first minute.

- Now Plekanec gets called. For those losing track it's now 6-0 Rangers in the black stripes category.

- Any time a Ranger player falls, the fans scream for a penalty. Such is the tone that's been set.

- Brilliant thread the needle pass from Plekanec to Gionta. Missed by a fraction of an inch from making this a one goal game.

- Habs really controlling play in the second and wow ... another Rangers powerplay. Getting absurd now.

- In all fairness, Gionta totally deserved the call via a very careless high stick. Still doesn't forgive the ridiculous 5 on 3 advantage the Rangers shouldn't have had back in the first.

- Worm is turning. Habs now with a 5 on 3 opportunity.

- Rangers play super aggressive on the PK. And it costs them with Kostytsin left wide open for a routine goal. We got ourselves a game!

- Hmmm not even sure if Weber's stick even made contact and he still gets called. Very poorly officiated game.

- Richards with a wicked wrister, Suban and Weber were playing him way too soft.

- Considering how many penalties were called, Habs really had the edge of play in the period. Another similar effort in the 3rd should provide us with a fighting chance.

Third Period:

- Moen with second poorly timed offside eliminating a promising rush. He's cooled off considerably from his big scoring start of the season.

- Win or lose, Canadiens have been the better offensive team tonight even strength. The first 24 minutes of the game Habs were short a man 1/2 that time. Basically zaps your ability to create momentum, in addition to enduring the exhausting process of killing penalties. Game has largely been fought with one arm tied.

- Lots of pressure applied in the Rangers' zone and referee gets his skate in the way of a pass by Plekanec to the point. Seems only fitting.

- Subban gets two for spraying Lunqvist. Officials scoring 9-2 Rangers.

- Blast from the point eludes Linqvist, giving the Habs a glimmer of hope.

- Referee makes incorrect call on Gionta high stick. Resulting faceoff Rangers score in the open net.

- One of those write-off losses. The better team lost largely because of some ridiculously poor officiating. I guess that's part of the game, but it's still very disappointing and discouraging.

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