Saturday, 19 January 2013

Game Number 1: Leafs vs. Habs

Holy crap. Is it October already?? What oh yeah that's right. I forgot. HERE WE GO.

First Period: Who's the guy in net for Toronto? I get the feeling that might be said more than a few times this year.

- Aggressive start White line, gets penalized for the bump, and a goal is waved off. More, please.

- Lazy hook by Cole. Another Leafs PP. Fortunately their man advantage has looked pretty rusty out of the gate.

- Markov looks really sharp. This is good.

- Nice setup by Kessel. Kadri a nicer fake on Price, and the Leafs strike first. Blah.

- Galchenyuk very nearly scores on his very first NHL shot.

- Habs sloppy in their own zone, Leafs are outhustling them so far.

- Prust handles Brown EASILY. Another good sign. More, please.

- Grobovski, meet Gorges. HA.

- Leafs are ALL over the Habs so far. The Habs first line ain't exactly tearing it up.

- Another lackluster shift by the Desharnais line. No offensive spark coming from anywhere - yet.

- Habs taking too many sloppy penalties (another indication of a team that's being outworked). Price keeping his team in this game.

- Prust is gonna be a big fan favorite if he keeps dishing out the body like this.

- Pacioretty goes awkwardly into the boards, was slow skating back to the bench.

- Desharnais with their first decent shift of the night. Habs with first legit pressure in the Leafs' zone.

- Leafs finally get called for a hook. Habs go to their first PP of the season.

- Markov sweet carry and dish to Cole who can't pull the trigger. Markov will automatically make this team much more dangerous with the man advantage. A healthy Markov, that is.

- Habs looked an awful lot like last year's team in that first period. But it's just one period, and to be fair, the Leafs had much more energy. Habs need a response period in the 2nd.

Second Period:

- Prust wins faceoff and slides a perfect pass to Armstrong who backhands one wide. Best Habs chance so far.

- For Eller's sake let's hope he's not saddled with Bourque for the rest of the season.

- Sweet gawd, Markov's passes are a pleasure to watch. Right on the tape.

- Habs very sloppy and sleepy in front of their net, Leafs nearly make it 2-0.

- Armstrong couldn't have won that race even with a three second head start.

- Wow. They call Pleks for a snowshower? Wow.

- Leafs capitalize on a call that should never have been made. 2-0.

- A rare sighting. Bourque goes to the net! Almost scored, too.

- Diaz' transitional passes from his zone are just terrible. The anti-Markov, if you would.

- Kadri with a brutal dirty blindside check on Markov. Ought to be 4 minutes, but he'll only get 2.

- Kaberle ain't no 78. Oy.

- P.K.'s agent rubbing hands with delight as the Habs' PP craters. This is bad, bad, bad.

- Another poor call, this time Desharnais is the victim. I guess the officials also have some lockout rust.

- Dead quiet in Bell Centre. Go figure.

- Eller with a 2-1 break, pass to Prust three feet behind Prust's stride.

- Love that little rush and quick snap shot by Galchenyuk. Gonna be loads of fun to watch this kid play, no matter how bad this team is.

- Second period pretty much a mirror of the first - Leafs outhitting and outskating the Habs. Canadiens' offense looks hopeless, with the Desharnais and Eller line stumbling out of the gate. Habs need to come out storming in 15 minutes.

Third Period:

- Franky Boullion is 35. A few times tonight he's looked more like 45 skating back to cover his zone.

- Kaberle one-man wrecking crew tonight. Just take him off the PP, already.

- Habs PP comes to life 2 seconds after the Leafs' penalty ends.

- Finally Habs offense seems to be trying, pushing the net, getting some chances. Surely a goal is approaching.

- Scouting report on Scrivens is to shoot high glove side? Lost count the number of times Habs wingers have tried that side tonight.

- Mostly Habs first half of the 3rd, but just don't seem to have the horses to finish the play. Must maintain this pressure to break the zero. Then it's anyone's game.

- There we go!! Gionta off the rebound. And we have a game.

- Eller with a seemingly harmless wrister that jussssst about got through Scrivens. Hang on, folks.

- Habs D line has been pinching hard since about the 5 minute mark of this period. That won't be changing until a second goal is scored.

- Habs needed this third period in the second period.

- 8 seconds left, faceoff deep in Leafs zone. Welp, this is it.

- We all know that a hockey game is won in 60 minutes, not 20. Habs will have to bring a lot more energy on Tuesday night to record their first win.

- Mr. Meehan? Urgent call for you on line one. It's Marc Bergevin.

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