Thursday, 24 January 2013

Game Three: Habs vs. Caps

Ugh. Sorry hockey fans, I won't have access to the blog until the second period, at least! Apart from that, all we know is Eller is out (again), PK is unsigned (still), and the Caps continue to underwhelm the experts, coming off a thumping at the hands of the Jets (really??) at home. So you just know the Caps will be looking for blood. Oy.

First Period:

- While they didn't score, Habs man advantage looks far more organized and potent than it did at the same point last season.

- Habs really driving the net tonight - another thing they did miserably last year.

- Gionta really looking good - as good as I've ever seen him play in a long time. A healthy, productive captain will make a huge difference in whether this team competes for a playoff spot.

Second Period:

- Wasn't able to watch much, but did catch the Gionta goal - the Caps defense apparently decided to take a mid-period vacation. Once again, the experts may have been giving Washing a bit more credit than deserved - especially if this what their defense is capable (or incapable) of performing.

Third Period:

- A nice cozy four-goal lead heading into the final period. I have nattering on with comparisons to last season, but that's the second game in a row where this team is cruising to the finish line. I think there were all of maybe *two* games all of last year (82 game schedule to boot). Really impressive effort - this team has clearly turfed the Jacques Martin "philosophy" of puck possession in favor of a much more uptempo game that focuses more on forechecking, creating scoring chances via turnover. So far, so good.

- Colby Armstrong, forechecking Hamrlik, creates a turnover and breakaway, just misses with a wrister, but his play is more of the same.

- And that is why we signed Prust.

- Habs PK very sound, relaxed, confident that anything that gets past their blocks will be easily picked up by Price.

- Do'H. Price really deserved that shutout. The team did. It was dominance tonight, as cruising a victory against a quality opponent as we've seen for quite some time. Another one of these, and we might start to think that the Habs are icing a pretty decent team this season.

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