Friday, 29 November 2013

Game Twenty-Six: Habs vs. Caps


- Usual disclaimer, I hate the shootout, blah blah.

- Fehr, off the bar. Advantage, Washington.

- Eller, very sweet backhand to forehand foolery. Ties it up.

- Did someone switch Budaj with Price? Ovichkin, 2-1.

- Deshairnas! He's good at this. 2-2!

 - Budaj on Backstrom makes the save, Habs can win this with Galchenyuk.

 - Nopes. Shootout overtime.

- Grabovski. It had to be Grabovski.

- Therrien goes with Plekanec, who's terrible at this, and predictably, his try is disastrous. Game, set, match.


- We'll keep playing this record, but how much time is Subban gonna get in the OT?
- Markov/Subban.

- If Grabvoski scores I'm gonna jump the bridge.

Subban to wide open Markov, who got a little too cute with Holtby.

3rd Period:

- Habs continue to be excellent on the PK, seemingly since the return of Prist from his injury.

- Ovechkin can be an enigma - so many nights he totally dominates the game, some nights he's just another NHL forward. Tonight it's a lot of the later.

- My goodness, the warp speed passing by Habs on their PP. I'm literally dizzy. Markov brilliantly set up by Desharnais, Holtby has to make three saves.

- Budaj the back end of the best one-two netminding duo in the game (delusional Leafs fans be dammed). Budaj sans the 2nd period stick handling brain cramp has been pretty much flawless.

- Subban has had Ovechkin's number all night. Ovechkin now trying to sucker the officials into calling a penalty. Not working.

- Bournival soft on his check, Emelin slow to react and nemesis Grabovski ties the game with 6 minutes left. Budaj would tell you'd he'd like that one back.

- Very good teams find ways of winning these games. Let's see how Habs respond.

- Caps smell blood. Intense pressure here.

- Budaj is gonna have to rob a couple of Caps if the Habs hope to hold on to the point.

- Ovechkin, at the slightest contact, goes down. Always looking for the penalty call. Ridiculously transparent.

- Overtime it is. Habs really should have won that in regulation. 

2nd Period:

- We be a bit late to the game, I said it before I'll say it again, anytime either one of Briere or Desharnais scores for the Canadiens, this team becomes very difficult to beat. Briere with his 5th to give Habs 1-0 lead.

- Plekanec scoring a minute after Budaj with a brutal giveaway behind his net, giving the Caps a gift first goal of the game.

- Max Pacioretty showing some rare physicality with a huge hit on Latta. Impressed!!

- Desharnais drives the net, nearly tips one past (hits the post). The formula ain't really that hard - drive the net and you'll be rewarded.

- Habs powerplay. When Subban swings and misses with the one-timer, everyone feels the breeze.

- Bournival seemingly slipping further into Therrien's doghouse, only two shifts this period, on track to play less than 8 minutes tonight.

- Bournival gets a shift, nearly beats Holtby with a snapper. He's out there gaining chances on most shifts, but for whatever reason, is on a very short leash.

- No way this Caps team, as I've seen them play tonight, make the playoffs.

- Even though shot margin favored Washington, Habs with lion's share of zone pressure, Caps had sporadic bursts, but no real sustained puck control. Really should be at least a two goal margin in favor of Habs, but if the game continues as is, they really ought salt this away in the 3rd. 

Friday News 'n' Notes:


Okay, a couple of notes:

- Peter Budaj will start tonight. We reported that a couple of days ago.

- Deck chairs shifted again, Doug Murray will sit, Frankie Bouillon will start. Tomorrow night they'll probably switch again.

- HABS GAME BLOG MOVEMBER TRAFFIC: Almost 39,000 visits!! Thank each and everyone who comes out to look at this little blog. Knowing that more than a few people are reading is great motivation.

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