Friday, 22 November 2013

Game Twenty-Three: Habs vs. Caps

First Period:

- Warching the period from a bar, anytime you have both Desharnais and Briere producing, you have a team that's basically impossible to beat. Habs looking a lot like they did against the Wild. Impressive.

No BLOG tonight.

I repeat, NO blog TONIGHT.

Yeah, yeah ... I know, what kind of a game blog am I running here if I'm not actually, you know, blogging the games, dammit? Sorry folks, I've other pressing obligations in Toronto tonight, and in case you were wondering, they've nothing to do with the Mayor. Although a Friday evening with His Worship might be an awful lot of fun. 

Anyway, TONIGHT. Canadiens take on the Capitals. Two roster shifts for the game - even though he's had some pretty shoddy history against Washington, Peter Budaj will get the start tonight. Peter had better bring his A+ game because for reasons that are completely baffling to yours truly and just about anyone else paying nominal attention to the Canadiens, Doug Murray will get a start tonight, while Frankie Bouillon will enjoy cocktails from the pressbox. Looking down at, no doubt, the Caps pounding the snot out of the Habs by sending out the Ovechkin line every time Murray steps on the ice.

It won't be pretty, me sadly suspects.

Puck drops at 7:10 EST. I'll do my best to sneak a peek at the carnage. 

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