Friday, 16 March 2012

Game Seventy-Two: Habs v Senators

So ... Andrei Markov will not play tonight because of an injury. This time it's reportedly upper body.

Still ... /curledupinaballcrying.

Happy ... Friday?

First Period:

- So with an opportunity to move into a tie with the Bruins for first place in the Division, Ottawa had what could only be called a lackluster game against the Habs two nights ago. Tonight they have an opportunity to move ahead of Boston. I'm expecting a vastly different effort tonight (against the usual depleted Habs lineup).

- Is that the Maytag repairman singing the national anthem? I crack myself up.

- Another bad Habs omen. The dreaded Chris Lee is officiating tonight.

- Ben "rebound" Bishop givin' 'em up to start the game. Let's see if we can bury a couple of those tonight.

- Subban drops the gloves with Greening just as Habs had a glorious scoring chance. Do'h. Greening gets instigator.

- St Denis iirc has very limited PP experience. It showed on that shift.

- Canadiens very tight in their zone ... so far.

- Chris Lee with the usual borderline call. Could be in for a long night.

- Gorges got away with one two handing and shattering Alfredsson's stick in front of Price.

- I realize it's Campoli we're talking about, but he needs to react much faster to those shot-ins.

- Plekanec with a gem rush zone to zone and a smart shot that beats Bishop glove side. Another shorthanded goal for the Habs. Sens fans might be saying "ut-oh" to that one.

- Subban bad giveaway deep, bailed out by yet again by a Gorges' block.

- Price by his own merits has been serving up some big rebounds as well. Lucky the Sens are still on zero.

- Habs continue to throw bodies in front of shots. It's making a significant difference.

- Ridiculously foolish unforced pass by Campoili from the corner right up the middle of the ice, it's intercepted but Price is saved by the crossbar off an O'Brien backhander.

- Habs PK has been excellent so far, as the officials continue to call everything in sight.

- It's Chrissy Lee making the call but Subban has to be smarter than that. Sens will have 87 seconds to score on the 5-on-3 to start the Second.

Second Period:

- Critical juncture here, will the Sens take advantage?

- Gorges is a shot block master. I've said it before. Emelin down after taking a very hard slap shot in the ribs. I have the feeling he won't be returning from that.

- Gotta say that was a pretty lame 5-on-3 attempt, even considering those blocked shots. Habs survive.

- Wow. Just wow. Chris Lee you fell for that?? Sens back to the PP courtesy some wretched officiating.

- Just noticed that Price is wearing that AWESOME mask tonight.

- Dunno if the Habs PK has been great or the Sens PP has been that terrible tonight. Combination of the two? Sens now oh-for-five.

- Sens winning more races to the pucks so far in this period. Bodes poorly for Habs.

- Lee calls one on the Sens. Habs fans in attendance cheer sarcastically.

- Campoli a turnover machine tonight.

- Both teams putting on a clinic on how not to execute a powerplay.

- Mr. Greening, meet Mr. Subban.

- Sens pushing here. Price holding the fort.

- Bad ice by Plekanec. Line is exhausted. Cunneyworth should have called for time.

- Bullet dodged. Habs have been doing quite a bit of that tonight. It's gonna bite them ... eventually.

- Very dangerous hit from behind on Subban there. He's really gotten the Sens' goat.

- Habs really struggling to just get their shots on goal. Only one this period with 6 minutes left.

- Phillips probably saved a goal with that hook on Eller. Hans PP has been pretty abysmal, so it's a very smart play from Ottawa's perspective.

- Habs looking like the bad old Habs from earlier in the year. Can't score with the man advantage, desperately clinging to a lead. Guess who's not in the lineup tonight?

- What could be worse than bad? 'Cause that's what this PP has been.

- For the umpteenth time, Eller takes a lazy hooking penalty.

- Bourque with a semi-break shorthanded, and an absolutely terrible shot attempt. And so it goes.

- The entire roster owes Price a steak dinner if we pull this one out tonight.

- Chris Lee .. I'm speechless.

- I think that's the third crossbar hit by the Senators tonight.

- Chris Lee with some ... interesting ... officiating. Almost all Ottawa in that period, aided by three powerplays. Price has been pretty much spectacular. Can this team possibly hang on for a two point robbery?

Third Period:

- Talk about shortening your bench. Staubitz, Blunden and Leblanc all under 4 minutes as we enter the third.

- I hate to keep beating this horse, but Bourque is killing us by not clearing the puck out. I've list count how many times he's blown that tonight.

- Price taking some liberties there coming 40 feet out.

- Oh, why not. Desharnais gets delay of game. Ottawa their eight powerplay.

- How many has Gorges blocked tonight? He's been insane.

- Carey making his best brick wall impersonation tonight. A brick wall that doesn't bounce pucks back. I'm sure Ottawa is thinking what do we have to do to score on this guy?

- Chris Campoli. You just knew it was gonna have him involved. The Campoli/St Denis pairing was always playing with fire. Game tied.

- 8 blocks by Gorges (so far).

- Price hurt by a very high shot seemingly just under that (awesome) mask. Looks like he's okay.

- Sens really pouring it on here. Habs reeling, having trouble moving their skates. That shortened bench might be catching up, too many tired bodies out there.

- Since the half mark of the first period, Habs have had 6 shots. Yup. Six.

- If Carey is owed a steak dinner, Gorges is owed free reign at the buffet. Another great block on the Sens rush.

- Shots are 32-13 Ottawa. Seems about right.

- Habs basically holding on for life here. Ottawa owning one side of the ice - ours.

- Bad old Habs tonight. Five minutes left. Can they hold on?

- St Denis/Campoli pairing out there. White called for delay. Oy. Sens go to their 9th powerplay.

- 10 blocks for Gorges tonight. Crazy.

- Ottawa with 18 minutes with one (and sometimes two) extra guys on the ice tonight. Couldn't score a goal. Crazy.

- Can we give Gorges first star? Co-firsts with Price? Without them Sens win this easily 4 or 5 to 1.

- Wouldnt put Campoli out there right now ...

- 45 seconds to a miracle tie.

- I wonder still if Emelin is playing with broken ribs. A warrior. He's also been outstanding.

- Getting one point in the standings tonight is astonishing enough. Two? Unbelievable.


- I question: Blunden out there in OT? Why?

- And Blunden turns it over in front of Price and nearly the game. Right there.

- Bad old Habs get their just desserts. St Denis with a terrible decision to rush the puck carrier, game over.

I mean, in a five minute overtime, you play your best. No weak links. No Campoli's. No St Denis'. No 4th line guys.

Cunneyworth. I dunno.

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