Thursday, 8 March 2012

Game Sixty-Eight: Habs v Oilers

Happy Game Day! Anything happening? Pretty quiet this morning. Let's check the twitter feed. OH GOD. Markov absent at team practice. NOoooooooooooo ....

Actually, he's out with the flu. Reportedly. Hopefully. He'd better be.

TONIGHT: Will Price start? I'm thinking .... no? We'll see.

More later(s).

UPDATE: As suspected, Price will rest, and Budaj will start. The race for 29th is ON tonight!

First Period:

- Good first two shifts for Pacioretty.

- Gomez a whisker away from scoring a hat trick - for the entire season.

- Yup. The game so far very much looks like the 28th vs 29th ranked team. Zzzzzzz ...

- Maybe the officials are trying to generate some action, but that was a pretty marginal roughing call on Subban.

- And Edmonton capitalizes, Horcoff with a nice little deflection off a point shot. Advantage Edmonton (another small step towards 29th!)

- Canadiens defense must be the worst in the League for finishing great scoring chances. Campoli and then Kaberle two minutes later unable to bury the routine.

- Another very marginal penalty call, this time Campoli for "tripping".

- As usual, quite a few Habs fans taking in the game in Edmonton, starting to get vocal and antsy with the officials.

- Subban with a blast from the line that Khabibulin really ought to have stopped with 16 seconds left in the frame. Rare PP goal to boot. And the game is tied.

- To understate, the quality of hockey played in the 1st was pretty low - both teams' offenses looking more AHL than NHL capable. Oilers are a bit of a mystery - so loaded with young capable talent, yet for the fifth consecutive season, still terrible.

Second Period:

- Dammit Gomez. Now you start playing like an NHL centre??! Pacioretty now just one away from 30. Drive for 29th takes a big hit.

- I ain't saying that the Oilers are sitting back here, but the Oilers sure look like they're sitting back here.

- Kaberle is what ... nearly 35 years old and he still doesn't know not to toss the puck blindly up the middle deep in his zone? Oy. Game tied.

- What the heck did Gomez eat for breakfast? Sheesh.

- Cole given two minutes for bodychecking ... sorry, "tripping". The zebra crew has made some interesting calls tonight.

- Gomez on fire, at the worst possible time. I think he may have just scored to give Habs a 3-2 lead. Under review.

- The puck was ON the line, nobody around, and still, somehow, Bourque still could put it in. The guy is a piece of work. Wow.

- For those keeping track, Bourque is -13 since coming over from Calgary. Not quite ready to call the trade a disaster ... yet ...

- Another sloppy period by both teams. One of the worst games I've seen in quite awhile. Whomever wins tonight will have done so by playing terribly.

Third Period:

- Desharnais is gone for the night with an injury. Add 'em to the never-ending injury list.

- Kaberle trying to make amens with a wrister past Khabibulin, and Habs take very big step backwards in their fight for 29th. 3-2 Montreal.

- Eller putting nail in the Habs coffin. We can't win for losing.

- Hall giving us some hope. Oilers just one down.

- Weber's skated barely deflect a cross-ice pass that would have tied the game.

- 60 seconds left. Will Edmonton pull this one out?

- Pacioretty scores his 30th into the empty net, and Habs win. /sad

- One year since his incredible injury that nearly took his life, Pacioretty's two goals tonight giving him 30 on the year is a wonderful story.

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