Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Game Seventy-One: Senators v Habs

It's game day! Let's get the afternoon off to a horrible start, shall we?

Here's branding gone, horribly, horribly wrong. If you're a short-term, long-term, old, young, tall, short, fat, thin, bright or dim Canadiens fan, you have been forewarned: The following link may cause your stomach to hurl.

Click here to view the abomination.

Just ... really? Who could have possibly approved that ... THING?!

Anyway ... with that nonsense over with, tonight it's Price with the start. Scott Gomez, in case you hadn't heard, is out with a concussion following that ridiculous illegal hit from behind by Tyler Myers on Monday night, a check so ridiculously dangerous that even the NHL couldn't look the other way. Myers got three games. Although he was assessed a 5 minute penalty during the game, he didn't get the boot (and scored the overtime winner - so HELLO NHL Rules Committee? Seems to me if you get 5 you ought to get the game - automatically. Bah).

Not sure how severe the concussion is, but Gomez might be done for the season, and ergo ... maybe done forever?

A win tonight, the Habs have a chance to nearly pull even with the Leafs in the standings. Yeah, I know. We're blowing a high pick by doing this winning stuff, but finishing ahead of the Leafs - there's so much intrinsic satisfaction to be gained ... I'm a peace with that scenario.

First Period:

- Markov gets a nice applause as he carries the puck for the first time in his own end. It's the first game he's played in this building in 16 months.

- Nice pass by Pacioretty to Desharnais on the 2-on-1 but Bishop makes a spectacular save.

- Pretty uptempo start to this game, Habs defiantly have more jump in their legs than they did against the Sabres.

- St Denis gets a start tonight, he filled in admirably earlier in the season after Campoli went down. More opportunity for him to impress.

- Cunneyworth has Markov paired with Weber and you can see already the positive effect on the later. Weber visibly more relaxed and efficient in his own zone. It's amazing.

- Cole scores off his own rebound streaking down the wing and high fives the ref. How great was that?

- Tsk. Price left twisting in the wind by everyone, and Greening tucks it home just 26 seconds after the Cole goal.

- I just noticed Bourque on the ice. I guess that's an improvement?

- Bishop is such a big netminder I'm amazed he has to move at all to stop a shot.

- How did Turris not get that wraparound past Price? Either he blew the chance or Price made an incredible save.

- Gorges really struggling with protecting his crease this period. Very un-Gorges like.

- See the replay. Price did make a great save on that Turris wraparound.

- Staubitz got clipped by a high stick but no call made.

- Pretty even period - good pace and tempo. Sens playing for first, we're playing for pride.

Second Period:

- Pacioretty gets called for interference in the offensive zone - terrible time a place for that kind of thing.

- Routine kill. Senators really struggled to get anything organized in the Habs end.

- Refs suckered by that "slash" by Cole. Officials at the professional level really shouldn't be fooled by that nonsense.

- Chris Neil runs into Price, and argues that Price dived. Whatever. Now 4-on-4.

- Desharnais can really do some special stuff with the puck.

- Markov called for goaltender interference with Bishop some 10 feet out of his crease. Really questionable calls in this period.

- Gorges is a shot-blocking God. No other way to describe him.

- This Markov/Weber thing has been working really well tonight.

- I fear this won't be the last time I observe this but Bourque is an offensive mess right now. His play awareness is terrible, and his passes are all over the place.

- Markov with a puck to the face and he went down in a heap. Gets up quickly but immediately goes to the dressing room.

- Habs really pressing with 3 minutes left in the frame. Glorious near misses and a couple of posts hit.

- The lineup is relatively depleted, at least on offense, but Habs holding their own through 40 minutes. I suspect the next goal will be the game winner.

Third Period:

- That'll help. Subban with the shot and Desharnais, who's been great tonight, with the redirect. Habs take the lead.

- Somewhat surprised by the lack of urgency in Ottawa's play. They have a chance to catch Boston tonight, which should be plenty of motivation. They have 18 minutes to make a statement.

- I've been hearing many whispers lately about Plekanec's lack of production this year, but for goodness sake look at the wingers he often has to work with.

- Yeah ... Markov still has a ways to go to get back to his former speed. Opposing wingers are beating him for these puck chases.

- Karlsson with a wrister that I'm pretty sure Price would like a second chance at. Game tied.

- Campoli trying out his best Larry Robinson impersonation with that end to end rush. Nearly made it all the way.

- Bishop is surrendering some pretty tasty rebounds, just not able to cash one in.

- Habs definite edge of play with 4 minutes left in the 3rd.

- Cole hit from behind head first into the boards by Michalek as period expires. No call. Can't see how that was a legal play.


- Are we gonna actually win one of these things?

- Plekanec dings one off the crossbar.

- Campoli. I've asked this countless times, but what is he doing out there in an overtime period? It ain't rocket science. Staple your weakest links to the bench.

- Sigh. Shootout it is.

- Pacioretty. Doh.

- What a poke by Price.

- Desharnais!!

- Price!! On Spezza.

- Markov?? Yeah, me too.

- Price!!! Outstanding!! Habs 5 out of 6 points since Andrei's return. Sense a pattern here?

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