Monday, 1 April 2013

Game Thirty-Five: Canes vs. Habs

Gameday Game Update

Not much to post right now, but lots of speculation around Montreal today that the Habs are amongst three teams seeking Ryan Clowe, who hasn't scored in a year. Didn't the Habs already unload someone fitting that exact description to the Sharks a few months ago?

Ironic note, I'll be occupied near downtown Montreal tonight, not too far from the Bell Centre, and won't be able to post much, if anything about tonight's game. With Price slated to start, one would normally expect a win, but the Canes are playing desperate game right now, sitting outside of 8th place in the East. So you just know they're going to bring it (although there's also gameday speculation that Eric Staal is injured and might not play tonight).

- Update: Apparently it's not Eric Staal, but Tuomo Ruutu who's hurt.

More later.

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