Thursday, 4 April 2013

Game Thirty-Seven: Jets vs. Habs

First Period

- Gotta say nobody does the pregame as well as the Bell Centre. Nobody comes close.

- Habs more physical team so far, Jets the edge with puck control and tempo.

- Desharnais doesn't hustle back leaving Burmiatrov wiiiiide open. 1-0 Jets.

- Markov has lost a step and a half since his injuries. Wingers just blow right past.

- Habs PP, Ryder right place right time, as usual. Continues to be a brilliant acquisition. Game tied.

- Habs have dominated since that power play. Outshooting the Jets 10-1 from that point.

- Slugglish start but Habs rebounded nicely at 5 minute mark, controlled much of the game. Jets transition doesn't look particularly ingenious or dangerous, as long as Budaj doesn't give up something he shouldn't, Habs figure to be in good shape.

Second Period

- Solid first period for Ryan White and Habs 4th line. Anything to slow down the opposition with Plekanec on the injury shelf is of great benefit.

- Ryder's 6th sense for the goal zone is on overdrive tonight. Fresh off the bench he went right to slot. Another goal scorers goal.

- Habs going to Jets goal at will, Winnipeg with no answers as Gionta strikes on the powerplay, 3-1.

- It's been a couple months since his last goal, but Galchenyuk will score sooner than later if he makes more moves to the net like he just did on the hapless Jets defense.

- Jets on the PP for the first time, this is where Plekanec's absence grows very large.

- Don't think Jets have had 2 quality chances this period. It's been pretty much that one-sided.

- Eller having one of those "thank goodness we didn't trade him" performances tonight.

Third Period

- The Norris Trophy drums beating louder. Subban has 24 points in his last 21 games. Incredible.

- Jets with early powerplay giving them good jolt of momentum, Habs struggling to move the puck out of their zone.

- Habs 3rd period tonight looking an awful lot like Habs 3rd period last night. That ain't good.

- Galchenyuk. And there it is. Finally.

- Cruise control mode at this point.

- Ryder will be first star but Eller's had one of his best of the season tonight.

- Wow. Never seen a fight where a player uses his helmet as a weapon. Kane, who gets an extra 10, might face a hearing over that.

Live blogging tonight from Section 301 at the Bell Centre. Peter Budaj in nets. Ah well, can't have it all. Also, Pleks is day to day (ut oh) with the feared groin injury. Will need someone to step up to the plate to fill some shoes (Alex Galchenyuk where are you?)

Puck drops at 7:40 local time. I'm 140 feet above centre ice.

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