Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Game Thirty-Six: Habs vs. Flyers

First Period:

- Disppointed a bit that Budaj isn't playing tonight instead of Price, as I'll be live blogging tomorrow night from the Bell Centre, when alas, Budaj not Price, will probably start.

- Habs solid transition game out of the gate, Flyers with better puck control, good portion of the play so far in Canadiens' zone.

- Gallagher took heck of a slapper off the foot, went straight to the dressing room.

- Excellent no goal first pp for Habs.

- Picture perfect wrister by Emelin from the line through a screen, but the pretty part of that play was Pacioretty's blind behind the back feed. 1-0 Habs.

- After a slowish start, Habs got lots of mo from that first powerplay, and carried the rest of the period. So far so good.

Second Period:

- Brandon Prust just bailed out Travis Moen, who was manhandled by Simmons. Crowd at the bar here just went nuts after the Prust TKO.

- Since those fights Flyers have dominated puck possession and tempo, tying the game, and forcing the play deep in the Habs zone. Canadiens have been on their heels much of the period, and would probably be just as happy as anyone else to escape the frame with the game tied.

- Not to be, great bounce off the backboards right on to Gagne's tape gives Flyers the lead.

- Brandon Prust, who's played superb since returning from his injury ties the game. Excellent response by the Canadiens.

- And Desharnais seconds later! Wow. Remarkable turnaround here. Crowd at the bar goes crazy.

- Weird period, Flyers owned much of it but had huge letdown for all of one minute, where the Habs took full advantage. Outshot 11-4 in the second, it's a bit remarkable the Habs come out of that with a one goal lead.

Third Period:

- Eller (!!) drops the gloves with Giroux on the PK. I'll take that trade off every time.

- Price excellent so far in the third, getting great help by his defense who are providing him clear sight lanes.

- Flyers had at least 6 skaters on the ice for a good three seconds right in front of the officials. Somehow got away with it.

- Seven minutes left, Habs are impressively not playing to protect the lead. Flyers having great difficultly creating momentum.

- Nope. And once again it's the Emelin/Markov pairing on the ice for an opposition even strength goal. Game tied.

- Wow. How did Bouillon not touch that for an icing. Seconds later, Flyers take the lead. No way Bouillon should not have hustled to touch that puck. No way.

- Bah. Empty netter. The bar floods out. Flyers owned the third. A deserved loss.

Live Game Update

- Tonight we're blogging live from Station Des Sports on St. Catherine Ouest! Pictures included!

Trade Deadline Day


Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

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