Thursday, 23 January 2014

Game Fifty-One: Habs vs. Wings

Third Period:

- Murray paired with Subban, I don't even know what the rationale could have been.

- Absolutely zero urgency in Habs game. The team has mostly thrown in the towel. That's when coaching changes should (do) happen.

- Wings stacking the line. Habs offense utterly baffled on what to do. 

- Well at least Beaulieu continues to look good. Nice punch and seems smart in generating scoring opportunities. 

- The Habs know they need to score here very quickly, right? Hardly anyone out there seems to care.

- So Michel what are ya gonna do now?

- Seriously mulling over skipping tomorrow night's game. This Habs team is just too painful to watch.

- #FireTherrien.

Second Period:

- Habs biggest PP challenge right now is gaining the zone. They can't. Usually indicative of poor or disorganized positioning. 

- Combined, Leblanc and Bournival have less than 6 minutes played, past halfway through regelation. #TherrienHockey

- Sheehan, wrister that Price probably wants back. It all started by a terrible zone pass and turnover by Emelin. The stuff that gets you benched. 2-0.

- Brenden Gallagher doing what Brendon Gallagher should be doing more often. Piling the net. 2-1.

- With these acrobatics Habs wouldn't be close to 27 wins. Or even 20. Shoddy zone coverage continues.

- Carey Price. When you think it no longer possible, Price does it one better. That glove save will be in the year end highlight reel.

- If Habs can't be inspired by Price's heroics, nothing will.

- Kronwall. In the slot. Not a Hab within 15 feet of him. Inexcusable zone coverage. Inexcusable.

- Habs played like an old tuba in the second. Zone play is a complete disaster. Transition is in tatters. Wings are owning the neutral zone. Habs have almost no chance tonight. The team has simply fallen apart.

First Period:

- Wings with early zone pressure, Habs again sloppy winning battles and clearing their zone. 

- First powerplay Habs looked like holding their sticks too tight. Zone control unattainable, passes off the mark. Yuck.

- Markov. Not understand the careless play of late. When wingers haven't been easily skating past, he's been a turnover machine.

- Pleks is the PK breakaway king - at getting and missing. Emelin with a silly call against him for boarding puts Habs 2 short. 

- Markov on with the 5-on-3? Has Therrien not noticed his poor zone play of late??

- And of course, the Wings convert. Doug Murray completely ineffective clearing bodies in front of Price.

- Leblanc driving the net generates a solid scoring chance. Will he get more than 6 minutes of time tonight?

- Habs possession particularly terrible this period. This team just regresses, regresses, regresses.

- Another marginal call on Habs, this time Prust is the victim. And here we go ....

- Listless period for the Habs, little puck possession. Few scoring opportunities, passing is off the mark. The rest of the night not shaping up well.

What the ... You're Kiddin', Right?
- Subban not on the ice today. Not a therapy day. This is the usual routine taken for players that are healthy scratches the next game.

No way. There's no way this can possibly be true.

Even More Horrific Chart of the Day:

Credit and HEOTP for this. Simply wretched. What you see is Michel Therrien in his final season as head coach with the Pens (blue line), leading up to his mid season firing, and the Habs Corsi this season (in red).

Scared now?

Has Michel Therrien been fired yet?

Horrific Animated .gif of the Day.

Good lord. Yeah. January really has been THAT bad.

Has Michel Therrien been fired yet?



Before I check, I must ask, is Michel Therrien still our head coach?

Hmm ... let's see .... ahhh ... okay, then.

I'm going back to bed.

More later. Wings on Friday. Hoo boy. That's gonna be fun.

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