Saturday, 4 January 2014

Game Forty-Three: Sens vs. Habs


- Why can't our powerplay look like that? Bah.

Third Period:

- Well, well, how about that. Briere scores his 2nd of he night and the Habs are back in this. And Doug Murray with 2 points tonight? Insanity.

- Briere scoring might be the greatest gift Bergevin has received in a long time - assuming he's trying to complete a rumoured trade.

- Canadiens all over the Sens, and how about that, Biran Gionta hits the scoresheet. Tie game.

- Sens defense so, so, so very soft right now. Habs getting free pass to Anderson.

- Refs decidedly putting whitles away. Letting both teams sort this out on their own, I'd reckon.

- Therrien would really be wise to severely limit or eliminate any more shifts for Bouillon. Consider this a warning.

- Bouillon on. Scared to watch.

- Very intense shifts right now, but it's done with both teams trying not to make a game-losing mistake.

- This game won't be going into the Josh Gorges' scrapbook.

- Karlsson end to end, and while it won't be noted that was a hellova save by Price with his blocker.

- Now the officials make a call?? Subban gets nabbed after Gorges fumbles the puck in his zone. Again.

Second Peeiod:

- While Therrien gets plenty of second guessing over his blender approach when putting together his offense, the way in which he's completely dismantled this team's once competent defense is completely indefensible. The blue line I'm watching tonight might be playing worse than any given night during the 2011-12 debacle.

- And just like that Therrien has juggled the lines again. Murray is now with Bouillon. Don't know if I can bear watching. Don't know if Price will survive.
- Briere's goal tonight his first since November 29. Brian Gionta has one goal since November 1st.

- Is Bouillon now on the first line powerplay? I give up.

- If half of Bourque's shots off the post went in, he might be leading the team in scoring.

- Better period than the first, which doesn't say much. At least they're not further behind?

First Period:

- Scratches tonight are Parros (who's in Michigan doing concussion therapy), Ryan White (who was injured last game against Dallas), and ... still befuddled over this, Diaz. 

- Sorry, but this fan-only singing of the national athem is the easily the BEST way of doing this unecessary ritual.

- Emelin goes for the hit instead of making the right play, and Greening is left totally unchecked to put the Sens on the board 14 seconds in.

- There was atmosphere in the Bell, until this game started. Canadiens looking just horrible out of the gate.

- Condra with a dreadful high stick on Prust. 4 minutes. Habs with opportunity to establish their presence in this game.

- Poor quick whistle by the ref costs the Habs tying goal. How could he have lost sight?? It was clearly loose.

- More Ottawa lack of discipline. 60 seconds of 5 on 3.

- Bouillon on powerplay = death.

- One measly shot on goal through all of that advantage. Once again the Habs blue line struggles to get the damn shot on goal.

- Briere scores - for perhaps the final time as a Montreal Canadien?

- And poof like that it's gone. Habs transition struggles continue, this time it's Gorges who can't find his winger. 2-1.

- Now Bouillon deflects a harmless pass into his own net, while Diaz sips on a cold drink 250 feet above the ice surface. 3-1.

- Habs got caught with Emelin and Murray on at the same time and the Sens were all over the Canadiens, goal post ultimately saving the Habs from a 3 goal deficit.

- Incredibly sloppy period by the Habs defense. It's a self inflicted wound that was easily avoidable - but we've been over this already by whom Therrien chose to scratch tonight. Habs actually fortunate to be only trailing by two.


Gameday Game Preview

We're HOME.

It's been nearly a month (no, seriously) since the Habs last played a game on home ice, what with the team just finishing up its longest road trip of the season.

So what's the latest crazy happening in Habsland?

Let's see - Raphael Diaz, who's actually been one of the Habs' better playing defensemen this season, has just received his latest reward from coach Therrien, in the form of a healthy scratch. In favor of .... Frankie Bouillon.

Yeah, me either. I've give up trying to figure it all out.

Meanwhile in Sensland, Jason Spezza is out (again) tonight from a hip injury. He's missed Ottawa's lat three games.

But then, Ottawa has won their last three games.

Habs will have their hands full tonight, methinks. The Sens, who were this close to just cancelling the rest of the season, have started playing much like their 2012-13 form of late, which has allowed them to start thinking about competing for a playoff spot again.

Also, it helps that the Sens are facing a team tonight who has decision makers behind its bench whom appear totally disjointed from reality.

Puck drops at 7:15 EST. Or thereabouts. I think they're giving out the Molson Cup award for December (to Thomas Plekanec).

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