Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Game Forty-Five: Habs vs. Flyers


Is Michel Therrien still employed as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens?

Answer: Yup. Sorry. Try again tomorrow.

I'll have a bit about the Habs head coach in a bit. But here's a little preview: something's gotta give.


Philadelphia 3, Montreal 1

Third Period:

- Was hoping that the Habs might find inspiration and come storming out of the gate for the third. What a fool was I.

- 8 minutes in, nay a single period shot on goal. 

- So P.K. had to wait 12 minutes in the third to get his first shift, apparently Therriens's punishment for that late 2nd period penalty. The Habs have two shots in the period. Insane or totally inept?

- Therrien's reaction to Subban's penalty is completely out of wack with the crime. He's refusing to use his best player to send a message by ensuring defeat? Unacceptable. This man has no business being behind any NHL bench.

-So let's get this straight. Down two goals to start the 3rd, Therrien benches his best player. The Habs put up 5 measly shots on goal, none of them remotely dangerous.

Michel Therrien is the worst.

Second Period:

- Just joined as the Flyers increased their lead to 3-0, Budaj surrendering a juicy rebound, and Bouillon turned the wrong way. So the Habs are right back to their old ways.

- Looking over the advanced stats, it looks like Bouillon and Murray have been particularly bad tonight, not that this is much of a surprise, but with the Habs recent injuries predicating the use of 7 dmen, you'd kind of expect the team to play tighter. Instead, the Habs are back to their old ways, burdened by their coach's lack of creativity.

- Another Bouillon/Murray shift. Have they been this slow and disorganized all night? If so, what coach in his right mind would continue to utilize this unit?

- Prust with possibly the only Habs win of the night - in a fight with Meszaros.

- Five minutes left in the second period, down 3-0, and the Habs are playing the trap. Words ... I'm at a loss.

- See? Plekanec is great on the 2-on-1 ... as long as he isn't passing. Shorthanded mark gives Habs life. 3-1.

- Habs looked terrible in that period, but somehow, they have a chance. A very, very slight chance. 

First Period:

- Parros will sit. Diaz is in. Emelin is out. 7 defenseman tonight.

- As mentioned ill be joining in the second period. Enjoy!!


So not a whole lot to talk about today. But here's what I got.

- George Parros might start tonight. Or he might not. Nobody knows.

- Marc Bergevin gave a little Q and A today, and while it was the standard "blah blah blah" response to inane questions, he did offer a few morsels. The Habs G.M. gave his first on the record indication that Daniel Briere won't be going anywhere soon when he said about the Habs beligered winger/center "I can't stop rumors. He had a rough start but he's improving. We'll see where we are at season's end." Bergevin also went on to defend George Parros, another significant off-season signing that hasn't panned out very well.  "I don't know what you were expecting, but we knew what we were getting and we're satisfied," said Bergevin.

That's all we got. Carey Price starts tonight, we think. Rapheal Diaz - who knows? Puck drops at 7:1 est. We'll be joining in sometime during the second period.


Okay, I know this is simply repeating what's already now known, but Carey Price and P.K. Subban were announced as being on the Team Canada roster for the upcoming games. Grats guys! We all knew you'd be there - P.K. included. Sad news for TSN - with Subban on the roster, what else are they going to yammer on about endlessly?


- Carey Price, who's the favorite to start for Team Canada, has a groin injury? Unconfirmed as to the severity. But groins and goaltenders are very touchy subjects. Okay, enough abuot that.

- Alex Galchenyuk, gone for six weeks with a broken hand. GAH.

So with Galchenyuk on the shelf for awhile, here's this morning's practice lines:

Line 1: Pacioretty/Desharnais/Gallagher (yup, Desharnais now #1 center - what a turnaround).
Line 2: Brière/Plekanec/Gionta
Line 3: Bournival/Eller/Bourque
Line 4: Moen/Parros

- P.M. UPDATE: Therrien announced that Peter Budaj will start tomorrow night in Philadelphia.

More in a bit.

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