Thursday, 16 April 2015

Game Two - EC Quarter Final: Sens vs. Habs


- Eller another excellent game - he hasn't scored points but he's working exceptionally hard and has drawn two powerplays.

- Like last night, Habs aren't sitting on their laurels in the third while holding the lead. This is very much in contrast to their regular season pattern of playing.

- Habs 4th line not making nearly as much noise tonight in the 3rd as they did game one. Their ice time is also far less. 

- 10 minutes left, Habs trying to slow this down to a crawl, three straight icings. And counting.

- Oh, Emelin, with a terrible interference far away from the play, giving the Sens a powerplay. Awful, awful, pointless foul.

- Plekanec has been a monster taking faceoffs this period.

- And Emelin's stupidity leads to the powerplay goal. Wiercioch, of all players. Stone with another assist. Emelin. Emelin. Emelin.

- Less, as in, none Alexei Emelin. More Greg Pateryn, please.

- DSP on powerplay last minute. Pointless exercise. Meanwhile, Alexei Emelin. Hurt his team during the regular season, and does it one more time when games really matter. Oy.


- Max Pac 67, powerplay, softish wrister, Hammond looks skyward. Tie game

- Habs totally ravaging Sens now. Coming in swarms. Sens clinging for dear life. Game changing moments here.

- Half way through the second, Habs have taken the foot off the agressive pedal. Montreal has defensive mobility, they have the opportunity to become more involved offensively, but they're holding back.

- And there you have it. Subban pinches in and rifles one over Hammind to give the Habs a 2-1 lead. That's the series key for Montreal - getting their blue line involved.

- A good a period as the Habs have played in a very long time. Dominating just about every measure that matters. Sens looked totally outclassed and overwhelmed in the period - Ottawa will need to muster up something from the reserves for the 3rd period. Otherwise, it's not a contest. Habs are heads above shoulders the better team through the first five periods of this series.


- Patches gets the start! How much he'll actually play is another question.

- Spirited start for the Habs. Usually it's the opposite, if the regular season is any measure.

- 9 minutes in, good possession shift for the 4th line.

- First half of first period, slight edge to the Habs, Sens more concerned with physical play over possession, which plays into their concerns about having endurance edge over three periods. Keep in mind the Sens have been playing for their playoff lives for nearly three months, so their margin for energy error is thin. Very thin.

- Sens have had two powerplays, neither particularly impressive or threatening. They need to get their specialty units firing or beating Price in a seven game set, will be difficult, if not impossible.

- Why great transitions matter. Clark MacArthur. 1-0.

- P.K. Subban clearly playing without primary focus being on the game, but on who's circling around him. Sens have apparently found a way inside his head.

- First half favoured Habs, second half the Sens. A minor defensive breakdown costing the Habs the first goal, as is their usual pattern. Pacioretty participated, but looked very tentative. Habs will need to be much more involved oil they hope to take a 2-0 lead before heading south.


In point form, because we know you profs like to read it that way.

- P.A. Parenteau is out for tonight's game. Max Pacioretty is a gametime decision. If both can't play? Therrien wouldn't indicate who'd be filling their shoes.

- Dave Cameron. What is this guy doing? After directly threatening to headhunt P.K. Subban in retaliation for Mark Stone's non-fractured wrist fracture, Cameron said to the media this morning that his desires to see Subban injured were "blown out of proportion." Really? You tell the whole world you'd like to see your guys rub out the star player from the other guys, and those who question your judgement, not to mention your sanity, got it all wrong?

But wait. Cameron wasn't done. About game 2 officiating? "It's going to be like breaking into a police station and trying to steal something. You aren't getting away with it."

The whole world is against the Ottawa Senators. Won't anyone think of the children??!?

And then there's this, from Stone's old roommate:

Well then, that settles it!! SORRY MARK for questioning your integrity! Can I sign the cast attached to your non-fractured hand?

More in a bit.

“I think it’s quite simple. It’s a vicious slash on an unprotected part of his body and you either do one of two things. I think it’s an easy solution: You either suspend him or one of their best players gets slashed and you just give us five. It’s not that complicated.”

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