Thursday, 2 April 2015

Game Seventy-Eight: Caps vs. Habs


- So Ovechkin, right? It's gotta be Ovie.

- Oh Max, you aren't going to get them set up much better than that. Golden chance, missed.

- Trotz only played Ovechkin one shift in overtime. Kind of surprising. Shocking, actually.

- So is Price hurt? Kind of hard to favour him in a shootout.

- Price beaten rather badly first shot, but post bails him out.

- Saves second shot. Looked good. 

- Ovie vs Price. Carey wins.

- Meh. Another OT defeat. Good news is, Tampa suffered same fate tonight.


- Habs with a moderately agressive first five minutes. No signs of a sit back yet.

- Mitchell proving his worth, with a stupid slash. Hoo boy.

- Ovechkin. Of course. Tie game. Price probably shoulda had that.

- And now Price with delay of game. Hoooo boy.

- Carlson with a point blast off Ward, and the Caps with their third powerplay goal of the night, take the lead. Habs PK not having a good night.

- Why is Carey Price playing? Therrien knows if Price gets hurt, the year is over. Right?

- Subban. Top corner. Howitzer. Tie game. Markov setting that puck on a tee. We have a game again.

- Well, it's been entertaining at least. Price has looked not so great, Ovechkin sniffing for a hat trick, Habs getting most of their offense from their defense, and for the most part, have been the better team tonight.


- Holy Jeff Petry. What a sniper of a shot. Holtby with virtually no chance. Almost a powerplay goal, but it puts the Habs on the board. Petry ... how did the Oilers not lock this guy down years ago? Perplexing.

- Subban is doing a brilliant job shutting Ovechkin down, utterly and completely. Ovie doesn't need a sweater tonight, he's got Subban for a blanket.

- Really hard to believe how well the Habs have totally contained the Caps tonight. Washington unable to generate any kind of organized attack in the Habs zone. 

- And of course, as soon as I post that previous comment, Subban with a soft backcheck tracking Ward on the wing, whom eludes a sprawling Subban and snaps one past Price. Tie game.

- Therrien assigns Mitchell to cover Ovechkin not once, but twice on the PK. Guess what happens? All the great play demonstrated by the Habs the first half of this game is totally undone. 2-1 Washington.

- Habs getting scoring from unexpected places. Gilbert joins the crowd pinching in off the wing and beating Holtby with what was probably a stoppable wrister. Tie game.

- The Habs first two goals tonight underscore the benefit of having your defenders more involved in the attack. It's a strategy this organization has avidly avoided the past three years.

- Well, a long-bomb breakout that actually works. Subban from behind his net, Weise beats the race for the puck and Eller snaps one past Holtby, who's terribly out of position. 3-2.

- Weird period. Habs looked fantastic, then looked horrible, then finished strong to take the lead. On the whole the Habs have clearly played the better hockey tonight, but a one goal lead with a period left is not nearly enough against Ovechkin. 


- The Habs need to settle on an anthem singer. This cast call process is getting painful. Tonight's especially.

- DSP gets a start! Looking forward to seeing how much he manages to underwhelm us tonight.

- Actually half-decent first shift for DSP. Actually touched the puck without doing something totally pointless. Progress!?!

- Unsurprisingy, Habs keeping very, very close tabs on Ovechkin. Goes without saying a pointless Ovie limits the Capsmchances significantly.

- His final regular season game, linesman Jean Morin just received loud round of applause from the crowd. May be a Bell first!

- #Habs "powerplay" appears to be pass it around the perimeter until P.K. can take a shot at someone's legs. The opposition easily picks this up, making the PK relatively straightforward. Anyway, if this is the best strategy the Habs coaching staff can devise, than woe is us.

- Habs look more organized tonight, in particular at centre ice, but they're still doing too many of these long bomb passes for zone exits. 

- Never seen a team more dependant on using the boards to pass the puck while on the powerplay than this Habs team. 

- Even with powerplay woes, Habs played a pretty disciplined hockey, keeping Ovechkin at bay, and limiting Caps shots to just two. When was the last time the Habs did that to an opponent?


Oh you know, you just know, that the ballot holders, even with a goaltender who's having one of the greatest regular seasons in NHL history, are going to choose Alex Ovechkin as this year's MVP. What's not to like? He's about to score 50 goals, something that's NEVER happened in League history, right??!? And check out that two-way form! Alex is the Pete Rose of hockey. Charlie freakin' Hustle! So let's not even go through the whole silly process of having some awkward awards show in Vegas. Just polish that trophy up and shove in the mail. Addressed: Ovechkin, Alex.

Oh yeah, sure you say. He's a lousy player in his own end. To that I say, WRONG. WRONG. I mean ... look ... just look at this form!!:

The man is not only potentially sacrificing his body, he's also managing to grab a little snooze time. Is there NOTHING he can't do?

Man, that Alex Ovechkin. He's just the best.

Guess what Habs fans? We are about to be graced by the presence of his greatness tonight. That's right. Number eight is in the house, and he's going to show the way. It's going to be great, because after tonight, Ovie will have put Mr. Price in his place. Don't be surprised if #50, 51, 52, 53 and 54 are scored tonight against the hapless Habs goaltender.

It's going to be an Ovechkin bloodbath tonight. You've been warned.

Puck drops at 7:40 EST.

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