Friday, 10 April 2015

Game Eighty-Two: Habs vs. Leafs


Where does a year go? It seems like only yesterday this little Habs team was being sent off to play its year, and look at them now! All grown up with 108 points! Sniffs :(

So one more game to play, and be dammed if we have to go out and win this stupid thing, since Tampa Bay won its game last night (thanks, Jersey), meaning the Habs still haven't cinched first place in their Division.

And we have to play the Leafs, which ordinarily would be a gift, but it'll be a Leafs team that's icing Colton Orr for his last career hockey game. In other words, Toronto will be doing some head hunting tomorrow night. 11 years of futility can make a person angry. Toronto, the bad, are most certainly not in a good mood.

But jeez - can you blame them? You go live in Toronto. After a year, you'll be looking to choke hobos under the bridge.

Anyway, because first place is still to be decided, Carey Price will get the start tomorrow night, seeking to extend his franchise record for season victories to 44. Which if you think about it, is pretty damn incredible. But then again, Carey Price is pretty damn incredible.

We'll have updates leading up to the last game of the regular season!

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