Saturday, 15 October 2011

Game Four: Avs vs. Habs

- Well it can't get any worse than the debacle against Calgary, can it? While the defense took a lot of criticism for their lackluster support around Price, it's the offense that appears to be what's really sputtering. Gionta and Cole have zero points in the first three games, and Gomez looks just as bad now as he did last season. Something's gotta give.

- While he tended to be the poster boy of furor and venom amongst Habs fans for most of last year, I've really liked how Kostytsin has looked so far this year (including the pre season). He definitely has a stronger stride, and looks more willing to fight for points around the net. My early candidate for turnaround player of the year.

- Three French Canadian officials tonight. You'd think that be a good thing, but sometimes refs officiating in their backyard overcompensate for the other guys to look "more" unbiased.

Period One:

- Spectacular save by Price to start the night. More chaotic Habs defense.

- eek. Price shoulda had that one. 1-0 Avs.

- Was about to post how good the Patches line was looking tonight when the aforementioned gets the Habs on the board with a nice wrister top shelf. 1-1.

- Moen. A for positioning around opposition net. F for his ability to finish.

- Like the season opener against the Leafs, Habs are dominating the first period but aren't cashing in as many as they should.

- First period shots on goal 19-9 Habs, but they fail to lead on the scoreboard. Good news, Patches line is really humming. Bad news, only the Patches line is really humming.

Period Two:

- Plekanec cashes in on the 5 on 3 with a bullet. PP puck control very impressive, it's surprising the Habs have just two goals on the man advantage to date.

- Weber wayyyy too aggressive playing the puck leaving his net and slot completely undefended. 2-2 game.

- Oh PK. When you muff it up you do it in spectacular fashion. 3-2

- Moen!! Well eventually one of them had to go in, but that's two breakaways and two goals for 32 this season.

- Price playing very tight. 4-3

Period Three:

- Habs had complete puck control for almost all of that PP but couldn't quite muster a quality shot.

- Speaking of, I think it's safe to say Gonez has the least dangerous shot in the League. Certainly one of the least.

- Shots are 8-0 Habs so far in the third. Can't finish. Can't keep up this pressure either.

- Kostytsin robbed point blank. Avs still haven't gotten a shot on Price.

- 9:35 into the third Price makes his first save. And Subban takes a sloppy penalty.

- Pressure and puck control finally pay off with Gionta finally scoring. Tie game.

- Seconds later Desharnais! Deflects a beautiful pass from Pacioretty. 5-4!

- Price really fighting the puck. Nearly let in a rather ordinary shot from the line.

- Tripping call on Diaz weak at best. Avs cash in quickly. Tie game once more!

- Habs record 5 goals on 41 shots. Normally that ought to be more than enough to claim a win ... but ...


- So far Habs with edge with puck control. Refs have put whistles in their pockets.

- Meh. If the Habs lose this in the shootout they can (again) look back on a second period sag.

- Just occurred, Price looked terrible on the one goal the Avs scored on the breakaway. That bodes poorly.

- Price was indeed *terrible* in the shootout. One of his more forgettable games in a very long time. Le sigh.

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