Thursday, 20 October 2011

Game Six: Habs v. Pens

- One of the challenges of living on the western side of the continent are these 7 pm starts, which is 5 pm my time. Getting from the office to the tv before the puck is dropped is often impossible. I hope I've not missed too much.

- Great scramble save by Price 8 minutes in. He's really looked much more confident since the very forgettable game against Tampa.

- Shouldn't have made that last post. Some flailing defense by Gorges/Subban and a weak-ish shot eludes Price, 1-0 Pens.

- Gomez injured? Equipment problem? RDS showing him leaving bench for dressing room.

- Habs attack can only be properly described as listless so far. Pens can cruise if this is all Montreal has to offer.

- Pacioretty is taken off the Desharnais line and paired with Cole. One assumes Martin is doing this to get Cole off his slow start. But to break up what was by far the Habs most productive and dangerous line seems rather foolish. The Habs so far not nearly as dangerous offensively as they have been the past week.

- Pens really circulate the puck nicely on the PP. Price with a desperation save to keep the game close.

- Pens fairly dominative in the first. Habs just 8 shots, none particularly difficult for Fleury to handle. Pacioretty/Cole pairing didn't seem to click, will see if Martin does some switchbacks in the 2nd.

Second Period:

- Nope. Martin starts the period with Pleks/Patches/Cole combo.

- Gomez done for the night. Wonder if it's anything to do with his pre-season injury reaggreivated?

- Emilin with a *horrible* clearance, Pens lead 2-0. The sloppy defensive issues emerging again. How long till Markov and Spacek are back??

- Pacioretty took a thunderous hit along the boards. Very slow to get up.

- Habs PP looks lost. Again I question the wisdom of positioning Plekanec at the line. It's effectively neutralizing one of your better (if not your best) playmakers.

- Canadiens completely laking intensity with the man advantage. Almost four straight minutes, Fleury had no difficult shots to handle. Traffic in front of the Pens net is virtually zero.

- No shifts for Patches since taking that hit. Another Habs injury??

- Just took a shift so he seems to be okay (relieved).

- Habs getting plenty of PP opportunities, but they look so awful with the man advantage, does it really matter. Team really needs to get some traffic in the crease.

- Not counting the OT, Habs have played 18 periods this year and have two PP goals to show for their efforts. Terrible.

- Subban with a (probably) illegal hit on Matt Cooke's face. How nice was that to see?

- Boarding call on Gionta. Huh??

- Pens showing Habs how to do a PP. Good traffic in front, creating quality chances on Price.

- Habs actually outshot Pens in the second. Coulda fooled me.

Third Period:

- Game can still be won, but this team will have to come out with a totally different game plan based on its forwards aggressively pushing the Pens' net.

- Pacioretty driving the Pens net, getting a scoring chance. More, please.

- Really? That's a goal? Stick looked well above what's legal.

- Ruled good. Wow. Well that's it. Goodnight and have a safe drive home.

- Not quite ready to push the panic button, but two disturbing trends. Habs have failed to score first in every game (except the Jets'), and on 5-4 powerplay, team has zero goals in 18 periods. Specialty teams are rather, well, terrible. The Kirk Muller factor?

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