Saturday, 22 October 2011

Game Seven: Leafs v. Habs

- Well, anyone have a good feeling about this? Surely the club will win one at home sooner than later. Surely the Leafs are playing over their heads, not to mention the thumping they took at the hands of the Bruins two nights ago. I'm fully expecting the Habs to come out storming tonight.

- Nice little pre-game ceremony for Hal Gill. Doubt many who watched him skate 15 years ago would have thought he'd play 1,000+ NHL games.

- Out of respect for my sanity, I'm watching the game on RDS. No way cam I handle the CBC for 150 minutes.

First Period:

- Both teams coming out fast. Leafs draw early PP.

- Moen!! Shorthanded. And on the breakaway! Who'd have figured he'd be gold all alone?

- I know the Leafs' special teams have been awful for four years, but can't keep giving them these powerplays from careless penalties.

- And just like that, Toronto scores on the man advantage. Given the shot came from 60 feet unscreened, Price would want that back.

- One major factor for helping the Habs get their powerplay on track would be improving faceoff percentages. This year, they've been awful.

- They can't score 5 on 4. So here we go 5 on 3 for 60 seconds.

- That. Was. Awful. And to add insult to injury, a too many men penalty.

- Oh that's new. Apparently it's okay to tackle the other guy's goaltender and lay on top while the play is going on around the net? Have to remember that.

- Pretty even period. Leafs playing a solid road game in a difficult rink, which means they're aiming for a close win. Habs offense better than Pittsburgh, but clearly still not yet firing on all cylinders.

Second Period:

- Pretty active start, with Kostytsin wristing one off the post and Gorges with a brutal giveaway before barely a minute clicks off. 2-2.

- Leafs seem to correcting their specialty team issues, at the Canadiens' expense. And now yet another too many players penalty. What is going on??

- Pretty intense game. Lots of hits, lots of feisty physical exchanges along the boards and in the slot. These two clubs clearly do not like each other.

- When shorthanded the Leafs play the puck very aggressively, leaving many opposing players uncovered. It's a pretty high risk approach, but the Habs simply haven't found a way to score 5 on 4. Something's gotta give.

- Real push by the Habs since the 15 minute mark, and now have yet one more PP opportunity.

- Snakeyes again. Habs outshooting Leafs 12-6 in period but Leafs lead 3-2. Another frustrating loss on the way?

Third Period:

- Eric Cole hasn't yet scored in a Habs' uniform, but it isn't from lack of effort, especially tonight.

- That shot by Cammi shoulda been stopped but it was still a top corner beaut. Tie game.

- Leafs definitely the more physical team tonight, especially amongst their defense. Ergo if I were a betting man on who's more like to come away with the 2 points, there's your advantage.

- Terrible call on Moen. Just terrible.

- That was one heck of a dodged bullet. Perhaps the gods were stepping in to even up the terrible call. Price with a magnificent save at the end of the PP.

- And Gorges with a seemingly harmless wrister to take the lead!!

- Huge blown call by the official failing to stop the play after the puck hit the netting behind Price. No way the game should be tied.

- The same official (Mccauley) made the incorrect penalty call on Moen. This isn't supposed to happen in the bigs.

- Fans in attendance got their money's worth tonight. OT only seems fitting.


- Grabovski with beautiful goal to win the game. More heartbreak in Habsland.

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