Thursday, 27 October 2011

Game Ten: Habs v. Bruins

First Period:

- Well here we go, one of the most anticipated games early in the season. Habs coming off an emotional win, the Bruins struggling to get out of the gate. Another Habs win may answer the question, has the ship been righted?

- Yikes, Bruins out in full force early, almost all the play in Montreal's zone.

- Gaping goal, Moen couldn't quite reach the drifting puck. Bit of push back against the Bruins.

- Pretty good pace, very few whistles. Such tempo generally favorable to the team with better speed, which would be the Habs. We'll see.

- That may have been the weakest goal ever given up by Price. Let's see if it rattles him.

- Whistle happy officiating so far. The interference call on Plekanec ... sooo marginal. The puck was in their feet, he (correctly) plays the body and still gets called.

- Apart from Price's softy, the Bruins' PP doesn't appear to be any less bad than what fans in Montreal have had to endure this season.

- Even though they trail, Habs have to be pretty happy with that period. They held their own against Boston's early onslaught, and made it a pretty even period. Stacks up to be a close final result.

Second Period:

- Habs largely have controlled play first 4 minutes, eventually Boston gets called.

- Can't convert with the 5-on-3, and for extra salt in the wound Pacioretty takes a silly tripping call. The suckage hasn't stopped.

- Habs really tempting fate with their lack of discipline.

- Cole's hard work finally pays dividends. Only reason Habs are tied is because Boston's PP is arguably playing worse than ours.

- Diaz with a rookie mistake overplaying his shot giving the Bruins an easy breakaway. Price bails him out.

- Bruins will be more than happy to draw Subban into the box for the rest of the night.

- Habs the more aggressive forechecking team, especially in the second period. Putting the Bruins on their heels a bit.

- Marchand could have really hurt Subban after PK missed his first punch and fell flat on his back in a totally vulnerable and exposed position. But he let Subban get back up to his feet for the fight. Bit of class with that.

- Price bailed out Diaz on that breakaway, and the favor is returned.

- Habs the more aggressive team in the second, and fine work on the PK earns them a tie score with 20 minutes left. As close as I thought it might be.

Third Period:

- Subban has played 12 minutes, spent 11 minutes in the box, only 7 minutes sitting on the bench.

- Bruins coming out hard looking to retake the lead.

- Habs responding now, creating some turnovers and generating good scoring chances.

- Lots of bodies flying all over the place, the most physical period yet. Intensity level high, both clubs wanting this one badly. Playoff hockey in October!

- Though sparingly used tonight, Canadiens' fourth line much more effective checking and creating momentum than its predecessor.

- And just like that, next line out Pleks cashes in off the rebound from the d's legs and Habs take the lead.

- RDS posted a compelling stat. Shots blocked at this point: Habs 18, Bruins 6. Who wants this game more?

- Watching Gill in a 150 foot race for the puck is an agonizing slow motion experience.

- Habs have really owned most of the play since the Subban/Marchand fight.

- Price bearing down. Safe to now say that whiff goal didn't rattle his psyche.

- Price a game save with seconds left. The shot more or less hit him rather than he making a great stop.

- Big win tonight, albeit razor-thin. Has the full faith returned to Habs Land?

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