Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Game Seventy: Avs vs. Habs

Third Period:

- Only three Habs defenseman capable of shooting the puck on net. Subban, Markov, Beaulieu. That's is all.

- Prust. What injury? That slapper from the slot a total bullet. 3-2.

- Penalty calls have been absurd tonight. Subban with total non-interference interference call. Yikes.

- Habs standing around the zone, Bouillon who's now -3, again abandons his position, and McGinn gets a shot and a rebound shot before scoring. Keep Bouillon off the ice, already.

Second Period

- Habs with a bit more gusto to start the second but the Avs do such a fine job guarding their crease that good scoring chances are coming few and far in between.

- Another weak penalty call - this time on Pacioretty for reaching out (called a slash apparently). Officials trying to make themselves relevant I guess.

- Alexei Emelin on the PK is a recipe for disaster. There are better options such as ... anyone else.

- Vanek! Finally. Big time defensive breakdown by Avs on a fairly harmless Habs rush, Desharnais with a nice carry and feed in front.

- Talbot, nice feed in front by Duchene, helped by Bouillon chasing ... something behind his net. He's now -2 ... and counting.

- They're coming fast and furious. Stone Hands Moen with a sweet behind the backer beats Gigure. One of those plays that ought not be goals, but we'll take it. 4th line production evens the game at 2.

- Bouillon is a defensive disaster tonight, Avs are having a field day when he steps on the ice. Roy has taken notice and is matching with the MacKinnon line.

- Wiese has had a nice grinding game tonight.

- Therrien must make adjustments and match out Plekanec line against Mackinnon who's having an all-world game tonight.

- Habs swarm Avs zone last two minutes but can't cash in. Good rebound period for Montreal, now well positioned to have a good shot of winning this game. One solid 3rd period might just accomplish that.

First Period:

- Tinordi AND Beaulieu AND no Murray. My eyes surely deceive me.

- Okay, Vanek is snakebit. No other explanation.

- Specialty unit battle tonight - Avs 3rd rated PP against Habs 4th rated PK. Could be the game decider.

- Brandon Prust heads off to the dressing room, we suspect injured. And here we go again.

- Upper body injury apparently to Prust. Gonna stick out the neck here and call it a shoulder.

- Mackinnon, looking like a seasoned vet stealing the puck and calmly deaking out Price with a backhander. Eller taking a stroll. 1-0.

- Prust back on Habs bench. So, huh.

- Flat as pancake period for the Habs - fans send them off with scattering of boos. Avs really controlled back end with great ferocity and while scoring chances were limited, controlled possession. Not looking good for Habs for the rest of the evening.


Patrick Roy blah blah blah. Whatever. I had enough of this guy in 1995. This is who he is, now, then, and forevermore:

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