Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Game Sixty-Four: Habs vs. Ducks


- Tokarski really tossed into the deep pool, overmatched for this shoutout. Good luck, kid. Godspeed.

- Ducks haven't done this shootout sideshow since December 3. Hope they're rusty. Very rusty.

- Hoo boy. That. Was. Bad.

- Wild, wild shootout here. Both netminders struggling.

- Wow. Habs might win this. Gallagher???

- Nope. Dang.

- Ducks goal, dang. Wait. No. It isn't. Woah.

- Insane shootout. Insane.

- MARKOV. What a win. 


- So will we see more Murray overtime shifts tonight. Stay tuned.

- Tokarski with a statement start tonight. Solid unexpectedly good performances continue to bless this hockey team.

- Habs seem to be playing for the shootout. Due respect to Tokarski's fine start tonight, but that strategy is folly.

- Galchenyuk not one, but two OT shifts. Progress!!!

Third Period:

- Gallagher didn't even argue the high stick. Close though - standing up he's barely taller than the crossbar.

- Murray defending on that 2-on-1 Ducks break .... I don't think I've seen it done worse by anyone...ever.

- Tinorid and Murray have been paired the past two nights, and they've been a total adventure just about every shift.

- Bourque, with another classic lazy Bourque hook. Don't move your feet, you get burned.

- Good speed and puck control by Desharnais draws a hook by Saku Koivu. Habs to the PP with 5 left, and a significant opportunity to regain the lead late in regulation.

- A point is a point, Habs with bulk of great scoring chances in the 3rd, but luck continued to play in the Ducks' favor. Nothing to be ashamed about the Canadiens' effort tonight, win or lose.

Second Period

- And ... I've joined and see the Habs had a most excellent first. I wonder if the Vanek acquisition has given this team an emotional bolster. 

- Habs driving the net, Ducks defense looks really complacent in their zone.

- Rene Bourque looks good - really good. Perhaps he's resigned to having to play in Montreal, and is making the best of the situation?

- Habs send out 4th line with Murray, and Jackman snaps one past a slightly screened Tokarski. Burned.

- First penalty on Emelin for the hold was legit - but that tripping call was absurd. Anaheim aims to tie this up.

- Bad luck, Tokarski who's played fine, but gets burned as Beaucimen shoots one in from centre that takes a crazy redeflect off the glass divider and in. Not bad luck, actually. Terrible luck. Game tied.

- Tokarski tossed into the deepest of deep ends, looks pretty danged solid out there tonight.

- The Emelin/Gorges as the 2nd line PP unit is ridiculous, and utterly useless.

- All the breaks going Anaheim's way in the second. And I mean ALL the breaks.

- Brenden Gallagher, showing guys like Eller and Bourque how this game is played and goals are scored. Tie game.

- Mini-disasterous 2nd for the Habs, not assisted much by the luck gods. But they come out tied, and given the effort on display, stand just as good a chance of winning this as their opponet. That's a good position to be in considering their opponent,

First Period:

- Not at my laptop right now, but let me say this about the Habs in the first: I approve. Posession has been excellent. 


Oh yeah. There's a game tonight. And it's against the best team in the League. IKES!

So what's going on? Any stupid moves by our coach?? Let's see ...

- Ahh ... hmmm ... so up against the best team in the League, and Therrien will scratch newly acquired Mike Weaver and Lars Eller, to make way for ... George Parros and ... Doug Murray.

Okay, then. Okay.

Let's just go back to thinking about Vanek. Ahhh ... much better ....


OHMYGOD: Habs got Vanek, for 2nd and a prospect?!?!? WOW.

CONFIRMED. It's Sebastien Collberg and a 2nd. WOWWWZZ.

Marc ... all is forgiven. Fine deal, which might become an excellent deal if Vanek is resigned.

- OH CRAP OH CRAP. Bergevin has traded for Devin Dubnyk ... yeah ... the guy who's probably having the worst year amongst all NHL players, has been acquired from the Preds, in return for future considerations. So ... this ... trade ... means Price is what ... done for the season? Oh crap oh crap oh crap. UPDATE: Apparently the Preds are taking a chunk of Dubnyk's salary, and they only were holding the bag for half of what he had signed with the Oilers, so unless the "futures" is something insanely low, one might consider this trade to be a freebee. Nashville wanted to clear some salary, the Habs some available, etc., etc. Nonetheless, the real concern behind this deal is Price's health. Just how seriously injured is he??!

ONE MORE THOUGHT: Because the Habs acquired Dubnyk via trade rather than waivers, they can (as I understand the rules) send him down to Hamilton when Price returns, without affecting the cap. SOooo ... (if I've got my rules right), the acquisition makes a bit more sense.

DUBNYK UPDATE: A Habs official says that Dubnyk will be assigned to Hamilton, which means this pickup was primarily designed to bolster the Bulldogs, not the Habs. Which means that Price might not be as injured as we previously were panicking about? Okay. Breathing easier now.

- Habs making a puch for Vanek? UT-OH. Don't do it Marc, just DON'T DO IT. Word is this a.m. that Bergevin has been talking o'plenty with the Islanders, with Lars Eller and/or Patrick Bordeleau. Vanek is UFA at season's end, which means that unless the Habs can be guaranteed of keeping him around, the Habs would be foolish, very foolish, to pull that kind of trigger. PLUS, this deal would go totally against the current organizational philosophy of not sacrificing futures to aquire assets, in particular, temporary assets.


- More chatter tonight that a deal involving Rene Bourque is nearly done, involving either the Kings or the Ducks. Stay tuned.


- Lots of chatter that the Habs are going to announce they've acquired defensemen Mike Weaver from the Panthers, which I guess makes up for losing Raphael Diaz? Asset management confounds. Let's see what happens.

UPDATE: Yup. Now reported that Weaver has been acquired, for picks. Um ... picks? Hoping it's nothing higher than a 3rd. It had better not be.

CONFIRMED: Weaver and his 35 year old legs, acquired from Florida for a 5th round pick (2015). He shoots right. Otherwise, I have no idea what Bergevin's thinking was in making this trade.


-While there's plenty to mull over following last night's coaching debacle courtesy Mr. Therrien, we'll be following all the hype and circumstance surrounding tomorrow (Wednesday's) trade deadline. Will the Habs make a big move for a defensemen? Who'll be moved? Rene Bourque? Lars Eller? Doug Murray (oh please oh please oh please MAKE THAT SO).

Anyway, stay tuned. It could get interesting! Actually, in all probability, hardly anything will happen and then we'll all laugh about how everybody gets so excited over this non event (the fools!) and go on our merry way until the trade deadline next year when the hype is ramped up again.


- Reports coming out this morning via Forth Period that Andrei Markov and Brian Gionta are close to signing extensions with the team. If that's true, the terms should be interesting to chew over, nevermind the premise that Gionta is someone worth keeping around another season(s). Update: Fourth Period is now denying that Gionta has been offered an extension (two years).

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