Thursday, 6 March 2014

Game Sixty-Five: Habs vs. Coyotes

Third Period:

- Mike Smith flopping, altnough this time to make a desperation save on Gallagher rather than the usual attempt to draw a penalty.

- Habs might be the only dump and chase PP unit in the League, and it almost always goes nowhere fast.

- Terrible turnover by Tinordi, whiff by Budaj, and it's goodnight from Arizona. 4-2.

- Timordi has not looked good on this swing. Now we wonder if this means Bouillon will get into the rotation, or if Beaulieu will return.

- 5-2. Soft shot from the line, I guess Budaj was screened. Doesn't matter much though.

- Carey Price ... update?? For the love of gawd when will you be back??

- Oh well. Shoulda had this one, but sloppy play and poor netminding undid the Habs tonight. Well they got 2 in Anaheim, they can do the same in San Jose, right? Uh ... right?

Second Period:

- ahh I see we're down 3-1. I also see that among the Habs 6 defenseman, P.K. Subban got the least amount of ice time. Because, bench management.

- Emelin no goal correctly assessed. Desharnais interfered with Smith. Still, it adds to an amazingly high total of goals Habs have scored that have been waived off this season.

- Habs seem to be doing well, tempo-wise. I don't see this game nearly out of reach. Yet.

- Habs are moving their legs well, and Phoenix is getting nabbed for hooks and holds. Waiting for this PP to actually start scoring, though ...

- One of the Habs' biggest PP struggles of late has been making clean and accurate feeds to the point. Way too many zone possessions have been lost since the start of the break.

- Is there any other player in the NHL who falls down for no apparent reason, than Rene Bourque?

- Another hook, another Habs PP. They gotta score sooner or later.

- Okay, delay of game, and it's a two man advantage. They totally gotta score now. Vanek??

- Finally. Subban. 3-2. Wait, it's Galchenyuk. Anyway. 3-2!!!!

- Something says the fancy stats through 2 periods will be comfortably in favour or the Habs. They're been the much better team this period (can't attest for the 1st period though).

- Habs outshooting 11-1 in the period. Yeah, you read that right. Although trailing by a goal, one more period like the 2nd, and the Habs should be in good shape.

First Period:

- We'll be posting game blog notes at the start of the 2nd period, as I'm currently occupied watching my son's peewee playoff game. Priorities!!!

GAMEDAY NEWS 'N' NOTES: Are we pinching ourselves this morning afterimage  what happened yesterday? Is Thomas Vanek really a Montreal Canadien? (yup). Did the Habs, in front of their 3rd string goaltender, really beat the best team in the NHL last night? (yup!). Maybe it's because we're edging close to a warmer change in the season, but I felt a little spring in my step this morning. I presume I wasn't alone in that sentiment amongst Habs fans. It's amazing what a difference 24 hours makes.

Okay, some notes (we'll add as the day progresses):

 - Not ALL good news, Josh Gorges tested positive for a fractured hand last night. No word on how serious the fracture is, or whether he'll be out of the lineup. - Nothing on the Carey Price front. Still hurt, still no word on any possible return. Peter Budaj will start tonight.

- Along with Vanek, expect Mike Weaver to make his Habs debut tonight. Who'll sit is anyone's guess, although it'll probably be Tinordi.

- P.M. UPDATE: Gorges has flown back to Montreal to have his hand further examined. Which means he's out for the rest of this trip (at least).

- Here's a screen grab of Gorges after he was injured. I'm not doctor, but judging by the blood and swelling on that hand, it's not a fracture of the minor variety. Ouch:

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