Saturday, 8 March 2014

Game Sixty-Six: Habs vs. Sharks

Third Period:

- Another sloppy turnover (Gallagher this time), and more terrible defensive coverage (Emelin) and it's 4-0. This time Couture. Just awful.

- Sharks might top 70% Fenwick tonight. It's that bad.

- Well, it's not that bad. 5v5, San Jose is 64%. Except that 36% is really, really bad.

- Current Corsi stuff, Murray 8-13, Emelin, who's been beyond terrible, 9-20. Ugly stuff.

- More ugliness. Bourque 6-14, Markov 7-25, and Eller .... yikes ... 4-12.

- Sigining off now. Final thought, the trip wasn't a complete disaster, but it didn't do this team any favors in the standings. Here's hoping Price is back for Wednesday night.

- Also, Fire Therrien. We haven't said that in awhile. It needs to be reminded,

Second Period

- The Habs inane dump and chase system is not helping Vanek much. He looks perplexed many shifts.

- Irwin. Another questionable goal, and Tokarski is brought in. 2-0.

- Torres with a dirty hit on Eller, and Tinordi gives us a really good glimpse of why he rocks by dropping the gloves and hammering that goon to the ice. Officials give offsetting penalties but tack on 10 more against Timordi, which doesn't help the Habs much the rest of this game.

- Eller with a brutal turnover at his line, Nieto cashes in from the slot, with Murray in la la land. Sharks now running away with this.

- This Habs dump and chase PP is a mess, and putting Bourque out first line isn't helping much.

- Habs have 8 shots through 40 minutes. They haven't been so hugely outplayed in that nobody seems able to execute. Plus Emelin and Murray have been particularly bad tonight. Habs are going to get only 2 out of 8 points this trip.

First Period:

- Budaj 5 goals on 23 shots in Arizona. I was hoping for another Tokarski start ...

- Club got day off yesterday, and if it means anything, team legs seem to have an extra jump early on.

- See .. Tokarski ... All Budaj on Sharks first goal. Horrible brain cramp, wretched goal to surrender.

- Some credit to the Habs, tempo hasn't alters much, killing off a couple of San Jose penalties. The Budaj mistake was brutal but it hasn't changed the team's apparent focus on speed and aggressive forechecking.

- "Slow and wobbly shot by Murray." Yeah that pretty much sums it up.

- Interference call on Emelin. There's a big difference between being a physical defenseman, and a physical defenseman who makes dumb plays. Emelin the later there.

- Habs had 5v5 possession edge in that period, a relatively meaningless achievement because of Budaj's terrific error. 


... This stupid west coast swing. The toughest part of the whole year's schedule, without our number one start stud goaltender.

Today, tonight, it ends. Finally, mercifully.

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