Sunday, 16 November 2014

Game Ninteen: Habs vs. Wings


- Habs humming along now, Winfs defense simply too tentative about Montreal's speed, Cromwall baking away far too much from a Gallagher rush, rebound easily deposited in by Plekanec. 3-0.

- Habs seem determined to get as much PK play as possible.

- Tokarski's mask is knocked ajar, the official doesn't blow the play, and the Wings hit the scoresheet with 3 seconds left on the powerplay. A blown call there (again). 3-1.

- Gallagher just doesn't give up, does he? Incredible work behind the net (instead of his usual place in front).  Howard is gonna lose sleep over giving up that one. Montreal regains it's 3 goal lead. Wings fans pretty quiet.

- It would now appear the only fans left in Joe Lewis are the large contingent that came down from Montreal. It's a home game right now for the Habs.

- Wings yank Howard with more than four on the clock. That's a Pat Roy to the extreme.

- Max had two pretty open chances with the empty net. Guess he likes to score the hard way.

- Pretty routine win for the Habs tonight, the winning streak extended to six. The next week won't be an easy one for Montreal, with Pittsburgh, Boston and St. Louis their next opponents. Accumulating these early season wins are particularly meaningful for these hard schedule stretches, such as what's coming up. 


- Habs had 54% possession in the first, which by their standards, is really quite good.

- Brandon Prust, who was healthy scratch material just a month ago, has been playing his head off for a week, and opens the scoring. Habs continue to play a very good possession game against a team that's historically excelled in this important area. It's paying off tonight.

- Kind of a bad penalty by Gonchar, but the Habs PK continues to do a good job keeping the Wings wide on their man advantage opportunities. Tokarski has been very solid swatting away the few Detriot chances.

- Winning faceoffs deep matter. Subban with a point blast goes about 10 feet wide but hits Quincey and bounces past Howard. 2-0 on a very luck bounce(s).

- Habs getting into penalty trouble - eventually this is going to bite them.

- Habs Eller line looks so incredibly good when it's clicking. Incredible five way passing play off the rush, Howard with an excellent pad save to keep it a two goal game. Nonetheless, Eller line is best playing unit on this team right now.

- 40 seconds of two man advantage complete zone control and zero shots registered. Markov and Subban unable to hit targets because they're being too cute, too perfect.

- Pretty good period for the Habs, their hard work in the first paid off dividends in the second, and the team's grinding allowed them to win the majority of puck battles. Also witnessing an increasing reliance on carrying the zone, which is an hopefull sign. Twenty minutes to go.


- Okay, Riders lose. Now on to more important matters, such as this hockey game.

- Habs looking pretty mobile from joining in at the 10 minute mark. Really have to wonder how much of these terrible starts were psychological, and whether last night's game marked a turning point.

- Beaulieu on the 4th line is just a waste. Of his time. Habs could go seven D and rotate Prust and Pacioretty additional shifts.

- Many thought this Habs PK was due for a tumble after Gorges was traded. That simply hasn't materialized. If anything, the Habs shorthanded unit has become more effective and even dangerous because the defense is more mobile and able to move the puck. An impressive kill to finish the first period, even on zero rest, the Canadiens are looking pretty fresh.


Can't. Blog. Watching. Riders. Lose. Will. Blog. Later. 

Anyway, Dustin will hold the fort.

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