Saturday, 29 November 2014

Game Twenty-Five: Sabres vs. Habs


- And there you have it. Allen had a good step on Stewart as a loose puck drifted back into the Habs zone. Between centre ice and Habs blue line, Stewart was a step ahead of Allen. 2-1. And yeah, Michel Therrien, that's why you damn well don't scratched Gilbert over Allen. 

- Eller responds. The pain and anger of Allen playing is subdued slightly. Still think the Habs will find a way of losing this.

- New look powerplay reverts to the dump and chase. Two shots. That's about it.

- Sekac so fast, so willing to drive the net.

- Mr Gummy Max Pacioretty once again,right place, right time, to punch in the rebound off a Weise shot. It's 3-2.

- That didn't last long. Another post goal breakdown, and Emelin leaves his crease unprotected. Tie game. The awful-est of the awful defenseman really hurting the Habs tonight.


- Enroth with a crazy great save to start the second. Habs in a funk and snakebit at the same time, apparently.

- It's the Enroth show - at least the second period so far. Still, he's giving up some pretty sizeable rebounds which means the Habs will likely hit pay dirt - if their forwards are willing to don't he hard and dirty work.

- Gallagher hits the last, deflects towards going into the net, hits the top knub of Enroth's stick, and unbelievably, misses crossing the line by about 2 millimetres. That's crazy bad luck for Habs, incredible luck for Enroth. Just wow snakebit.

- Whoop. Wow. It's a goal. That's incredible.

- Sabres with some pretty shoddy defense this period, and it's giving the Habs numerous scoring opportunities, a lot of odd man breaks. Which they aren't, save Gallagher, taking advantage of. This could bite the Canadiens big time in the 3rd.

- Predictably, the Habs offensive motor starts to sputter out halfway through the second period. No killer instinct, no burying inferior opponents.

- Another eerie Allen/Murray similarity. Their shots. They both don't have one.


- Rousing applause at the Bell as Gionta and Gorges are shown up on the big screen during the national anthems. Gionta looked genuinely touched.

- Wonder what the deal is between Emelin and Gionta, but it's carried over to tonight.

- Sometimes Bryan Allen almost makes me miss Doug Murray. Have no idea what Bergevin was thinking, or what Therrien is thinking by continuously penciling him in.

- An alright start for the pp, Weber with a fine block to save a sure goal by Pacioretty.

- Oh fer, zero SOG, but they at least carried the zone. So ... progress?

- More wretched defensive breakdowns - only this time it isn't Allen or Emelin - it's Markov - getting caught, and then to make matters worse, takes his time getting back. 1-0 Sabres, and here we go again.

- Habs with another meek offensive effort. Sure, the Sabres have defended well, but the Canadiens have played into their hands - forwards are playing wide, no traffic around Enroff, blue liners mostly contained, and virtually no tough chances on the Sabres goalie. This team will lose much more than it will win if something fundamental doesn't change.

- Another listless, fruitless first period for the Habs. Their 22nd this season - in 25 games. It's beyond mind boggling at this point. Never seen any team this consistently bad for this long for the same period. 


- Woah. Brendan Gallagher signed a six year extension today, $3.75M per. How 'bout that!!

Okay Marc, so you're making the right player personnel moves ... now about that coaching thing ...


- So as suspected, coach Therrien was tearing a strip off the linesman last night for the ejection of Brandon Prust, who was given the heave-ho after complaining about missed offside calls. You set 'em straight Michel, don't worry about your team playing crappy defense, not being able to compete in the first period, not being able to score on the powerplay for more than a quarter of a season. Stuff like that.

- Speaking of terrible, bad news for the Habs - Alexei Emelin won't face suspension for his head hit on Brian Gianta last night. Just a fine. So that means he's back in the lineup tonight. Oh well.

- Dustin Tokarski will start in net tonight, coming off a hammering at the hands of the Detroit Red Wings last Sunday. We don't fault Dustin, however. The Habs defense was pathetically porous.

- How's that "new look" offense working out, Michel? Still trying to wrap the mind around benching Gibert, and limiting the ice time of the Eller line. Also, playing Emelin on the powerplay. Also, just plain playing Emelin, period.

Puck drops at 7:15 EST tonight. Man, if we lose two in a row to the Sabres ...

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