Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Game Thirteen: Hawks vs. Habs


Third Period:

- Okay, getting sick of the embellishments calls on the Habs. The officials have clearly been indoctrinated - instead of making the right call (often no call), they're looking to nail the Habs, in particular Subban, for offenses not committed. 

- And of course, the Hawks capitalize, taking a 3-0 advantage. 

- Last 16 shots taken in this game, all have been by the Hawks. 

- Beaulieu with a pinch? I'm pinching myself it happened. The last time a Habs defenseman did that was before ice was invented, I do believe.

- Hate to see Patrick Sharp get hurt in a game already won, against such a weak opponent. Tough break.

- The powerplay. My eyes. They burn. They burn.

- Five. Count 'em. Five man advantage events tonight for Montreal. One. Count 'em. One shot registered on goal. 

- Dan Lacroix. Master escapee extraordinaire. His uncanny ability to escape job termination would impress The Great Houdini.

- Kane makes it a route. But then we saw this coming at the half way mark.

- Habs had a good start to the game, but ultimately ended up embarrassing themselves. Even though the team has 8 wins in 13 games, the complete lack of offense and discipline must be raising plenty of red flags amongst the upper echelons of the club's decision makers. This team, so loaded with talent, is getting outplayed badly. A shakeup might come a lot sooner than many had ever anticipated if this continues.

Second Period:

- Weird how the Habs seem to compete so much better with Bounival in the lineup, huh?

- From weird to inexplicable. Weise as a top 9 forward. It isn't working.

- Bounces with the Hawks tonight. Habs puck luck that got them to an 8-2 start is now pretty much gone.

- Habs get powerplay, Subban gets nailed for a dumb hold. Head bangs on wall.

- It's #AlmostBourque not because he's good at almost scoring, but he's a master at making mistakes. Really getting near that point of cutting bait. It's not working. It's just never going to work.

- Getting ugly now. Habs competed for 30 minutes, but now the Hawks are simply dominating everywhere. Price keeping this a two goal margin, but that can't possibly last. 

- Play quite literally is contained to just the Habs zone now. It's a wreck out there.

- Habs are a talented bunch that are getting a sour taste of the League's elite. With a competent coaching staff the sky's the limit for Montreal. Until then, however, they can only watch the Hawks in awe and wonder how it must feel to play on a team with direction.

First Period:

- So Subban gets the criticism by local media heads for the Habs sucking so bad lately on offense. Because, stupid.

- Habs get the first powerplay? Well that's different. First goal? Sheyah. Right.

- Habs PP unit gripping the wheel way too tight. No fluidity. No cohesiveness. Looking terrible as usual.

- Weaver given unsportsmanlike conduct. What for? Who knows. It wasn't a dive, there was none. Sigh.

- That awful first powerplay aside, Habs have kept pace very well, keeping Hawks' intimidating big producers in check. So far playing the game required to stay close to a team like Chicago. 

- Habs almost .... dare we say ... dominating the period? It's hard to come to grips with because we haven't seen it this season in the first period. In particular against a team like the Hawks. They need to bury one of these great chances, and soon.

- Hawks score on their first powerplay because of course they do. It really isn't that hard. They do what the Habs can't. Have a defenseman get a shot away that either isn't blocked or is at least at the net. Get a couple of forwards in front for a screen or deflection. All foreign concepts to the Habs right now.

- Wasn't it only last week that Habs were working on carrying the zone? Looks like that's been ashcanned. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program of dump and chase. 

- Well. That went petty well. Except the other guys scoring part. Still, Habs did a more than reasonable job keeping pace, containing the Hawks rush. Still, this team is definately in a funk. Bodes poorly for the rest of the game.


So here's the deal. I didn't blog the rest of the Flames game, thank goodness, because I had an officiating assignment. Yeah, I'm a referee. But shuuuussssssssssh ... don't tell anyone about my team alliances, okay?

All I can say is, thank goodness I didn't stay and watch.

Tonight it's the Hawks from Chicago. You thought Calgary was bad? Just you wait. Just you wait.

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