Saturday, 22 November 2014

Game Twenty-Two: Habs vs. Bruins


- Habs Fenwick possession nearly 70% through two periods. Astounding.


- Bruins getting shadow checked most of the first five minutes, not really able to generate much in the way of offensive momentum.

- Malhaltra is a faceoff machine tonight, it's helped to nullify the adverse affects from the Habs tendency to ice and surrender faceoffs deep in their zone.

- Bruins getting anxious, send defense forward on a rush, get caught, and it results in a 4-on-2 break for Montreal. Plekanec makes it 2-0. Habs taking advantage of this Boston team's lack of consistency.

- Bruins are during up the physicality and forechecking dial. Trying to push the Habs back, and generate some scoring opportunities via turnovers.

- Concersely, the aggressive switch in tactics could create some odd man rush opportunities for the Habs. We'll see.

- Gallagher has great speed but his puck handling abilities aren't exactly great. It's resulting in some sloppy turnovers. He's really not gifted with playmaking charms - so he can create problems onthr occasional shift.

- An unbelievable shift by the Habs, hemming and totally exhausting the Bruins in their zone. Habs controlled the puck for an astounding 2:10 minutes before the Bruins were finally nailed for a penalty. That might have been one of the best shifts I've seen by any Habs team in 10 years.

- Fine period for the Habs, they are head above shoulders better than the Bruins - their speed matches up perfectly against this inexperienced Boston defense. The final five minutes were a thing of beauty. This team has looked fantastic is week.


- I'll take that Sekac penalty (on Lucic!) any time. Sends the Bruins a tough message.

- Most excellent kill. Injury decimated Bruins lineup looked pretty disorganized. 

- Glen Healey is the sure formula for a ruined night of hockey. Ugh. 

- Habs doing a bit too much long bomb passing on transition. Maybe 1/10 will be successful, which means a lot of turnovers, and poor possession time.

- Subban tries a Hail Mary to Plekanec, almost connects. Almost. Really don't understand all these passing stratagies.

- Bruins take a silly retribution penalty after Emelin delivers a hard, clean hit on Reilly Smith. 

- Happy 100th Andrei Markov. And a road powerplay goal to boot, the very first of the season on the road. Past the 25% mark of the season.

- Habs defense has tried at least a dozen long passes from their zone this period, a grand total of zero were successful, a grand total of 100% resulted in turnovers, some do them resulting in odd man breaks for Boston. This isn't working, guys. Stop it.

- First Sekac now Allen, Habs in Lucic's face with every opportunity. That's the way you deal with a goon. Stand up and don't back down.

- The unforced turnovers aside, pretty solid, physical period by the Habs. Anytime they even draw in the first period, it should be considered a win. Bruins might not have the legs to compete tonight - injuries and back to back games considered.


Hey, Tukkaa. Last time we squared off, you managed to avoid facing the Habs. You can sit but you can't hide.

Although tonight, you do get to start at home. Feel better now? Think you can do this, now??

Habs have owned the bears this year. As in, totally. And oh yes, Milan Lucic is still an incredible ass. A completely overrated one, at that. 

Puck drops at 7:10 EST.

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