Thursday, 19 February 2015

Game Fifty-Eight: Panthers vs. Habs


- You know, the Panthers would be really, really wise to be covering Gallgher closer this period. He's still being left mostly unchecked in front of Luongo.

- So Petrovic punches Tinordi in the head after he falls face first to the ice, but it's Tinordi who gets the extra two?? Chris Lee.

- And the Panthers convert. Tie game. Chris Lee.

- Habs are getting Habbed tonight. Might actually lose a game they've roundly dominated.

- Sekac and Gallgher both with excellent efforts tonight. Gilbert also looks much improved. Eller again, on that wing, is out of place. Basically Therrien has a line with two centres and the results have not been effective.

- Habs outshooting Florida by 20 with six minutes left. This game should have been over half an hour ago. A couple of questionable calls (and non calls) have also conspired to hurt Montreal.

- Just a point, at least. But much more deserved. Oh well. Live by the sword, die by the sword. 


- Habs with 55% possession in the first. Yeah. That's pretty good and reflective of a mostly well played period.

- Oh, Lou. Pacioretty with a harmless wrister that's completely misplayed by Luongo. Gallagher is right there to punch in the loose puck 1-0. Weak goal, but just rewards for a Habs team that on a back to back night, is outplaying their opponent. 

- Clunker first powerplay, but Habs are really carrying the zone much better tonight. Not sure if that's so much the Habs, but the Panther's passive play at centre ice. 

- Twofer Gally. Wretchedly soft crease protection by the Panther's defense, and Luongo again struggles to pick up the play. It's 2-0, and Price is settling pretty.

- Well, maybe not. Price a little too aggressive trying to clear the zone by pushing the puck along the boards, resulting in an easy turnover. Fleischmann cashes in, and suddenly Florida has reason to think they can still squeeze out some points.

- It's pretty clear to even the most casual viewer that Eller is not comfortable playing the wing. But Therrein gets these ideas in his head and be dammed if he'll let them go.

- Another solid Habs period, good team effort tonight, Florida limited to just 13 shots. One little mistake cost a goal, but there should be no good reason why this game shouldn't end in anything other than a W for Mintreal.


Some last minute line juggling, so let's mow this down:

- Subban is okay and in tonight. Pregame warmup he looked agile.
- Therrien is pairing Tinordi with Pateryn, which means they'll probably get almost no ice time.
- Galchenyuk is out tonight with the flu (sigh), which means Sekac gets a boost to the second line (good), and Malhotra will move in to centre the 4th line (bad).

- Ready for some more bad news, Habs fans? Chris Lee is reffing tonight's game. GAH.

- Jokinen with a trip, was it a slew, on Subban? Sure looked like it. 

- Gilbert has really been joining the rush the past couple of nights, but he's a terrible finisher. This is the kind of stuff Beaulieu, who is far more offensively gifted, should do more often.

 - Malhotra with a totally unforced pass right up the middle in his zone. Guess what happens? 

- Entirely different complexion tonight - Habs returning to their Detroit roots and playing a much more cautious, close checking game. It's limited their own offensive opportunities, although tonight's Habs blue line seems to be doing a far more effective job moving the puck out of their zone. Really stacks up for a pretty low scoring finish.


- So it's looking not-so-great for Alexei Emelin. He's out six weeks with an "upper body injury." Yeah. I wonder what that injury could possibly be? Either severe separation or arm break, regardless, he's done until the ... oh gawd ... playoffs.

- Jarred Tinordi got the call up last night. Which is just fine. Will probably play next to Gilbert tonight.

- P.K. Subban. No news today so far on his status, which means almost certainly he'll play tonight. Which also means he didn't sustain any longer-term injury (fractured bone) last night.

More in a bit.

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