Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Game Fifty: Sabres vs. Habs


NO live blogging tonight. I REPEAT. No live blogging tonight. I have other commitments. Besides, do you think I actually get paid for doing this stuff?

Besides, is there really any point? I mean, com'on. The Buffalo Sabres? The fourteen-losses-in-a-row Buffalo Sabres? Is there even any point in playing this thing? Who's going to watch? I mean .. COM'ON.

I mean ... haha ... just think if the Habs were, on the off, unbelievable, one-in-a-billion chance, lose this game. Wouldn't that be incredible? Yes. Yes it would. But that's not going to happen. I mean, LOOK at that picture above. Three guys chasing Joe Thornton. That's not even AHL bad. That's not even Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League bad. Hell, that's not even Bantam Level 2 bad. That's just bad, bad, bad.

So what is there to say, really? Buffalo last won a hockey game ON DECEMBER 27th, and that win was by shootout. The last time this Sabres team won an actual regulation National Hockey League game was December 11, 2014. That's eight weeks ago. That's 22 games ago. Has there ever in world history, been a professional hockey team as bad as this year's Buffalo Sabres? There may very well have been, but it I'd be dammed to come up with a better (worse) example.

The line is pretty brutal. The Sabres have the 30th ranked offense, 30th ranked defense, 30th ranked powerplay, 29th ranked penalty kill, 30th ranked shots per game, 30th ranked shots surrendered per game, 30th ranked faceoff percentage!! I mean, that's basically a coin-flip stat, and they're still the last in the League.

There's no way. NO way the Habs will lose tonight. Heaven forbid, and god save Michel Therrien's hide, if by some incredible situation, Buffalo wins tonight.

Two points should already be posted up on the standing boards for the Canadiens. This game is already over. Done. Kaput. Don't even bother tuning in. I'm not even blogging. We already know the outcome. I'll see you this Saturday.

Puck drops at 7:40 EST.

Jesus. The Habs better win this.

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