Sunday, 8 February 2015

Game Fifty-One: Devils vs. Habs

Third Period:

- Emelin (of course) is slow to react off the Jersey transition, Josefson given a free pass to take the seam and beat Price off the backhand.

- And Emelin just upped the stupid, with a silly and unecessary interference hip check, and the Devils presented with a nice opportunity to tie the game. All courtesy #74.

- Scott Gomez on your first line powerplay is usually a pretty bad sign for anything going right.

- That was a pretty poor powerplay attempt. Still, Habs can't afford to continue to do any more Emelin stupid.

- At least they aren't sitting on this, Habs surrounding The Devils right now.

- Plekanec with a big juicy rebound that he doesn't miss. Struggling Habs forwards really coming to life tonight.

- Man, when Dale Weise scores, you're just doing it all wrong. Another failed Jersey clearance and a slow and soft reaction by the Jersey defense, and it's 5-2. Game. Set. Match.

- Weise again. That's ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous with how indifferent the Jersey defense has been in front of Kinkaid. It's a route.

- Great night for Subban, an impressive Habs win against an admittedly weak opponent. Still, Habs hard played first against a team that's played two games in two nights, and in retrospect, the Deviks really had no hope. It's on to Boston for a huge matchup with first place on the line.

Second Period:

- You can really see some of the bad playing habits the kids like Dumont have picked up playing in Hamilton. Poor/rushed passes into the neutral zone, which is creating unecessary turnovers. But that's the Bulldogs system right now - dump, dump, dump the puck.

- Habs continue to faulter creating anything resembling sustained pressure. Lots of 50+ foot shits being taken at Kinkaid. In other words, he's had pretty much a walk in the park so far.

- Brilliant save by Kinkaid on Gallagher, set up perfectly by Galchenyuk. That's the first Grade A scoring chance for the Habs tonight, it took 30 minutes of hockey to get there.

- Subban gets high sticked by Zubrus, and blood is drawn. Let's see how bad the powerplay looks tonight.

- Everybody thinks and braces for a Subban shot, but it's Markov who pulls the trigger, Gallagher with a great screen. Pacioretty may get credit for a redeflect. Anyway, it's tied. Powerplay ... scores?

- Plecks misses and open net, not for the first time this year.

- Oh my. It doesn't matter. Deviks PK make an awful clear intercepted by Subban, who makes an incredible instantaneous cross ice backhand pass to a wide open Lars Eller. Habs take a very pretty lead.

- First seven or so minutes of the second period, it certainly looked like Habs were regressing. But that high stick penalty instantly turned this game on its head. Right now Habs are dominating with 6 minutes left in the frame.

- Mote terrible Jersey turnovers, Gallagher really should have converted, but Kinkaid and Green just barely save the day. Methinks a two goal deficite vs. Price would be nearly impossible to overcome.

- Another powerplay goal? Another wonderous pass by Subban, this time to Plekanc for a one timer past Kinkaid. Three assists for P.K., he's devouring the Devils' unrelenting assumption that he'll shoot rather than pass. Tremendous night for Subban.

- Habs hard nosed first period reaps significant dividends in the second, and suddenly, the powerplay is on fire again. A comfortable two goal lead with 20 to go.

First Period:

- Okay, Tuesday night. The Sabres. Let us never speak of that again.

- Devils start their backup tonight in Kinkaid, because of course, you don't wanna play your first string guy against a team that can't beat Buffalo. 

- And here we go. Cammalleri tips a Harrold shot, first of the game, past Price. One nothing before the puck is barely dropped.

- Ouch. Rising hard wrister by Pacioretty hits Kinkaid somewhere around his neck. Down for three minutes, but stays in. Let's see how he handles the next few shots.

- Desharnais simply can't constantly lead a rush, not being helped much by Weise who doesn't position himself particularly well to receive a pass in a good position. 

- This de la Rose kid doesn't hold back, does he? Looks like the Habs have the makings of a excellent 3rd/4th line grinder. He certainly elevates the Habs forecheck.

- P.K. doesnt get nearly enough credit for feeding excellent passes up ice, really bolstering the Habs often flagging transition game. He's one of the few who really takes command of the puck, and attribute rarely demonstrated by other Habs defensemen, Andrei Markov included.

- Safe to say Kinkaid isn't feeling any ill effects from the Pacioretty shot.

- Methinks this de la Rose kid is going to score sooner rather than later.

- Cant say I'm disappointed with the period, apart from the Jersey goal. Habs played a good, solid, physical period, outshooting their opponent nearly 5-to-1, although most shots were not Grade A. Still, a period that perhaps promises better things to come tonight.

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