Saturday, 14 February 2015

Game Fifty-Five: Leafs vs. Habs


Okay, so it's official. Sekac out, Malhotra in. Head, spinning.

Michel Therrien's lineup, as usual, makes little sense. Especially going up against a team in a huge tailspin. The Leafs, we know their story. One win in 14, four wins in 30. They're an awful team with asperations not of making the playoffs, but finishing as badly as possible to increase their lottery chances this summer.

Like we said about last week's game against Buffalo, and Thursday night's game against Edmonton, there is NO good reason why this Habs team should lose tonight. None. Nada. Nothing. There is only one way the Montreal Canadiens, with Carey Price in net, could possibly lose tonight - and that's because Michel Therrine screws the lineup pooch.

Well, he's off to a great start, and we haven't even dropped the puck.

Speaking of which, that happens at 7:15, EST.

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