Monday, 9 February 2015

Game Fifty-Two: Habs vs. Bruins

Third Period:

- Chara and Hamilton get all mixed up, creating a 3-0 break for the Habs, Weise from his knees feeds Pacioretty who has time to glide in on Rask. Wrist shot of a 40 goal scorer. Yes, it's time to start that discussion. Paciorerty cracking the 40 mark. More importantly, a huge two goal lead for the Habs.

- Lucic targets Galchenyuk, and Alex bounces off the blind huts with ease, facing the Bruins kind of the goons with an expressive "is that the best you've got?". Love it.

- It's been a pretty quiet crowd tonight in the Gardens. Especially quiet right now.

- Lucic targets Emelin, sends him flying. Oh well.

- Hah. Lucic targets Emelin again with a crosscheck, and gets caught by the officials. That's pretty sweet.

- McQuaid is a dirty, dirty player. Clearly stuck is leg out to trip an unsuspecting Pacioretty. Dangerous and wreckless play.

- Bournival clearly boarded right in front of the official, who seem determined to let anything and everything go.

- How did Rask compile a .940 SV% in January with this kind of rebound control? 

- Wow. Just wow. Carey Price. That might have been save of the year.

- Dang. That's going to be a goal for the Bruins. Almost a save. Almost an incredible save. We have ourselves a game now. 2-1.

- 4 minutes left, here come the Bruins. Full of piss and vinegar. Buckle up, Carey Price.

- Habs really intense with the forecheck, determined to lock this one down. 2 minutes left. That's a long time. Hold your breath.

- Great hard shift by the Eller line. 1:30 left.

- Empty net. Habs have really struggled this year to concert on these. 1 minute left.

- Markov buries it into the empty net.

- Tremendous win for the Habs - one of their best played games all season. Price was great, and more importantly, the Habs once again deminstrating their clear superiority over the Bruins this year. Habs with 30 games left and enough of a cushion in the standings that they can begin to think about post-season preparations. In the meantime, let us all bask in the glory of tonight's excellent victory. The Sabres are but a distant memory now.

Second Period: 

- Well, Dale Weise scores again, although this one is an easy bank into an empty net off a Paciiretty snap shot that badly beats Rask, but huts the post. Habs get that critical first game goal. It's all great for Weise to score, but it's bad for the bigger picture, that is, getting him away from the first line as soon as possible.

- Are NHL forwards targeting Price's glove side? Is that the book on Carey? Sure seen a lot of shots in that area lately against Price.

- Thomas was ALL alone at centre ice, but Emelin's pass up to him missed by five feet. Terrible.

- Wow. Has Chara ever lost a step. He's crazy slow in his zone. Not even a shadow of his former self.

- Gallagher nearly has his head taken off at the shoulders for standing somewhere near Rask. Not even close to the crease. How is that not a penalty?

- Really good energy shift by the 4th line with 11 minutes left in the second. Thomas particularly impressive.

- Habs being more physical, and it's generating more turnovers, and lots of possession in the Boston zone. It's very good news if you're a Canadiens fan.

- Beaulieu with a calm but outstanding goal saving poke to save a goal. Price with two acrobatic saves. Bruins stimied.

- Mcquaid has mugged Gallagher at least three times tonight, and has gotten away with it every time. An exhasperated Gallgher now exchanging words with the officials. It really has crossed reasonable lines.

- Carey Price. Cardinal sin misplay coming out of his net. He calmly knocks down an open net shot Si his stuck. Unflappable, this guy.

- Another good road period in a well played road game for the Canadiens. They simply have the Bruins number this year. The few chances Boston has mustered out, and there's Price. Tough final 20 minutes lay ahead.

First Period:

- We'll be joining in a little late tonight, from the second period forward. The big question tonight is will it be Subban vs. Subban tonight? Probably not, but we can always dream, can't we?

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